Japanese Convenience Store Giant Opens in Makati

September 28, 2018

FamilyMart, one of the largest convenience store chains in Japan and South Korea, has arrived in the Philippines. Ayala Corporation and the Rustan’s group recently opened the local flagship store of the international franchise in Glorietta 3, and are currently working on opening more branches in the country. And while the brand’s launch was met with little fanfare, a visit to the store revealed plenty of shoppers queuing up at the checkout counters.

familymart facade

Though it now caters to a Filipino market, FamilyMart retains its Japanese character. Japanese snacks like onigiri, maki, and sandwiches speckled with sesame seeds abound in its displays.

familymart onigiri

The Glorietta store also features the “FamilyMart collection”, which is a tribute to all things chocolate. They also have all-you-can-swirl soft ice cream at the self-service counter. So, if you can somehow find a way to put a foot of ice cream inside your cone, you’d be golden.

familymart japanese importsfamilymart chocolate collection

They also have the staple hot dogs and fried chicken meals, and carry the usual convenience store goods. But the main draw lies in their readily available Japanese snacks. Pretty soon, we could all just be a block or two away from having an onigiri, rather than a 7-11 or Mini-Stop hotdog.

Although we have yet to see if the franchise can truly go toe-to-toe with the other established convenience stores in the Philippines, FamilyMart’s unique offerings have marked this newest competitor as one to watch out for.

Have you been to the FamilyMart stores in Japan and Korea? Any items you’d like them to stock here? Will you take advantage of the self-serve soft ice cream like I will? Let us know in the comments!

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21 responses to “Japanese Convenience Store Giant Opens in Makati”

  1. Jc says:

    Do they sell green tea kitakat??

  2. If they could stock Binggrae Banana Milk and Strawberry Milk, I’ll never step foot in a Mini-Stop again.

    • Cash and Carry has Harvey Fresh Banana Milk and Strawberry Milk that tastes absolutely great. Cheaper and just as good as Binggrae–around P78 for one liter, vs Binggrae’s PhP25-35 for small-sized tetra packs. I haven’t seen these variants in other groceries yet, though. I bought the strawberry variant at SM once, but rarely see it in stock.

  3. As long as they can match the prices of their local competitors, I don’t see why not.

  4. vicky ang says:

    been in osaka family mart hope you can bring their assorted sandwiches so delicious especially the egg and porkchop sandwich.

    • Rukia says:

      I’ve seen a breaded porkchop with sliced apples sandwich in the Glorietta Family Mart, so i guess that answers your wishes

  5. Raided their tuna mayo onigiris a week ago. They taste so much better than the pork/I-don’t-know-what-meat onigiris sold at school. They also sell bento, sushi, and Pocky/Peppero/Pretz. If they start selling Kirin Milk Tea, Calpis Water, CC Lemon and Kirin Lemon Tea, I might just die of happiness.

  6. yeah I mIss Family Mart….miss Japan…. 😉

  7. Christopher de la Cruz says:

    A commercial feat. Hatsune Miku and KARA endorsing FamiMa would sound definitely good here on Philippine TV!

  8. JM says:

    do they sell roasted sesame seed dressing?

  9. jessi says:

    OmG Family mart is here already! Gosh I love that store its food and snacks are amazing the best.

  10. kaye says:

    may assorted kitkat ba dito?

  11. whell4short says:

    May CC Lemon and Aquarius ba???

  12. gerard says:

    meron ba ditong ice pack yung nilalagay sa noo kapag may sakit?

  13. niel betita says:

    do they have japanese candy kits?? my daughter loves it very much.. and how much?

  14. AK says:

    I wish they would come here in cebu real soon! Like right now!!!! XD

  15. NoNo says:

    do they have korean italy towels? and of different sizes and colors?

  16. Kyt Padilla Ilagan says:

    do they sell calcium bolo for babies?

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