Carrot Cake-Flavored Kisses from Hershey’s, the Likelihood of Wood Pulp in Your Bottled Parmesan, and More on Food This Week

February 19, 2016
Grated Parmesan

—Bloomberg News tested store-bought Parmesan to check for additives, specifically cellulose (wood pulp). The acceptable range is somewhere around two to four percent, however, upon checking the brands that claim to be 100% grated cheese, the test discovered cellulose percentages around seven to nine percent.

—Hershey’s recently unveiled their Easter special, Carrot Cake Kisses, made with white chocolate, vanilla, and cream cheese. Here’s the kicker: they contain no actual carrots. Meanwhile, M&M’s also released their malt-flavored Mini Eggs; M&M’s with a hard shell and a malted milk candy core.

chicken in cages

—Fast-food chains around the US are shifting towards cage-free eggs. Consumers became more concerned after a proposition was passed by the Humane Society of the United States way back in 2008. A shift to cage-free technology puts the cost per chicken at $40, which can drastically increase the price of the commodity.

—A recent study released by England’s Newcastle University confirms that organic meat—including milk—is healthier for you. They discovered that cattle that has been grass fed contains more essential Omega-3 fatty acids; up to 50% more than conventional beef.

Dominos Pizza Apple Watch

—Now you can order Domino’s pizza from your watch. Customers can create a pizza profile, then order and track the progress of their pizza using the Apple Watch. So now, when asking people for the time, all they have to say is, “It’s time for pepperoni.”

—And to cap it off, look, it’s Wendy’s again. Last week it was an alligator, this time it’s human. An angry customer, 25-year-old Lovely Robison, was so enraged after the store got her order wrong that she jumped across the counter and bit the manager. What’s going to happen over at Wendy’s next week?

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