Fair Grounds Makes Infused Sugar and Honey to Level Up Your Morning Coffee or Tea

Trigger warning for coffee and tea snobs: This article contains mention of flavoring your drink. Leave your salty comments at the door.

Have you ever tried to pepper your coffee with cinnamon only to have the weakly flavored powder float on the top and coagulate into little islands? Or tried giving your tea a touch of vanilla only to find that a single drop of extract overwhelms the tea so much that it just tastes like a pungent vanilla-scented water? That’s where Fair Grounds comes in.

Pro tip: You can also drizzle this on your morning pastry.

With their infused honey and muscovado, you can flavor your caffeinated drink of choice just right. The honey and muscovado are organic and locally sourced, while their flavoring agents are imported from other countries as they do not grow in the Philippines. The vanilla flavor comes straight from the Tahitian vanilla bean, which Fair Grounds roasts to bring out the oils to permeate the honey. The same roasting method is applied to the Ceylon cinnamon in their sugar jars. Prolonged infusion allows for the scent and flavor to become one with the sweetener so that both the sweetness and taste congruously mix well with your drink.

Fair Grounds also offers chia seeds and organic “beenut” butter—honey-sweetened peanut butter—in 3 flavors.

Couple and founders Kelly Parreño and Miguel Librojo first founded Fair Grounds in November 2015 as a response to a lack of healthy, accessible and affordable products in the market. Named Fair Grounds both after the flagship sugar product which follows fair-trade practices, and after the place that they first met (at a high school fair grounds back in 2001—and now they’re getting married! Sweet as muscovado sugar, right?), the brand also offers “beenut” butters in 3 flavors (original, dark chocolate, and white chocolate) that is sweetened with honey for a rounded wholesome taste.

Fair Grounds

Home-run brand of organic infused muscovado and honey, honey-sweetened “beenut” butters, and homemade dips.

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