Everyday Coffee: Your First Step into Brewing Specialty Coffee

November 14, 2016

It’s no secret that it’s all about specialty coffee now—minimalist cafés are easily found now, you don’t need to scour through the internet to find these gems. Before we get into what Everyday Coffee is, it’s imperative that we briefly discuss what exactly third wave coffee means and how does that come into play.

First wave coffee refers to a time when coffee consumption was picking up due to its availability. This includes your 3-in-1s and the vacuum packed ready to consume drinks. While second wave coffee brought specialty coffee to the masses, think Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. In contrast to the first and second wave of specialty coffee, third wave focuses on treating coffee beans as an artisanal product. From cultivating direct trades with farmers to the artful wrist flick for latte art, third wave is responsible for the specialty coffee we enjoy today.

Most of us, learned about coffee in more or less the same succession. Who didn’t get their first life changing sip of coffee from their parent’s morning cup of joe? Then subsequently learned about the specialty drinks and sugary treats from Starbucks. Now, as mature worldly individuals, it’s only natural (and expected) that we’re curious about the next step in coffee’s history.


Everyday Coffee features single origin beans. Each of their packages provide information that every coffee newbie will need to know: the origin of the beans, the type of roast, and even the flavors you can expect from your brew. The roasting company provides quality for your buck, each package is priced at Php 350 to 450 depending on the type of beans. Also, if you’re a Metro Manila resident, your precious bag of beans will be delivered free of charge! (This is great news for coffee addicts like me who go through a bag quickly)

Visit their website and find out what beans are available for order, while you’re there you can go through their blog. They provide easy to follow videos for various coffee preparations (i.e. Chemex, Aero Press, or Coffee Drip) and informative posts. Ensuring that each cup, whether it be at home or in your upcoming neighborhood café is top notch, Everyday Coffee provides an approachable starting point for those interested in the world of coffee.

Everyday Coffee

Specialty single origin coffee delivered fresh to your doorstep

Contact: 0977 091 9076
Spend: 300–500 PHP for a bag of coffee beans of your choice
Follow: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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