Ereñeta-Manaloto Chorizo de Bacolod Smokes their 2 Types of Chorizo in an 80+ Year Old Recipe

The Ereñeta-Manaloto style of Bacolod chorizo dates to the pre-war era, wherein sisters Pining (married to an Ereñeta) and Pidi (married to a Manaloto) created the recipe in the early 1930’s. The recipe has since been passed down from generation to generation. Throughout the generations and different hands that the recipe has been through, it has changed and developed according to different family members. Catherine Manaloto, one of the family members behind the Ereñeta-Manaloto Chorizo de Bacolod brand, tells us that their version is just one of the many iterations of this decades-old tradition.

Are you team sweet (hamonado, pictured) or garlic-vinegar (recado)?

Manaloto tells us that this style of chorizo has long been imprinted into the flavor maps of people who grew up in Bacolod. One of the most heartwarming things to hear is Negrenses who have settled in Manila telling the family how much a taste of their smoked chorizo brings back childhood memories. And there truly is a distinction in their style of chorizo that gives their pork sausages a deep and memorable character.

Are you team bilog or pudpod (also known as hubad, pictured)?

The brand offers 2 flavors (hamonado, or sweet, and recado, or garlic-vinegar) in 2 variants (bilog or pudpod) to suit your preferences. The hamonado is the stick-to-your-teeth kind of sticky, with the caramelization developing like webs as your cook up either bilog or pudpod version. It’s a sweet delight that is punctuated by the lingering smokiness of the pork meat. The recado, on the other hand, offers a strong punch of flavor that tastes so right with a big scoop of white rice.

“Our goal is to continue the legacy, keep the 2 family names together, and put Bacolod chorizo on the longganisa map of the Philippines,” says Manaloto. Their passion for tradition is evident, and the proof of their dedication to the age-old craft is in a single taste. Pick up a pack of their chorizo at Gourmet Corner or Breakfast Basket MNL.


A brand of Bacolod chorizo that uses an heirloom recipe of smoked chorizo.

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  1. This chorizo of Ereñeta-Manaloto tastes nothing like the one Tia Pining Ereñeta made. It is good in itself but does not replicate the original flavor that generations of Negrenses grew up with.

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