Turn that Ensaymada into a Discount Jelly Doughnut

The deal with ensaymada is that it’s pretty much just bread with sweet butter and cheese on top of it—which is GREAT, really. So it’s good on it’s own, and sure, it’s great when you tear off a few bites and dunk them in hot coffee. But what if you took it a bit further by toasting it and filling it up with a few scoops of strawberry jam? Coco jam, maybe? Now a few wipes of cheese from that little jar of Chiz Whiz. . .

Now for the basic bitch—but still quintessential—choice: NUTELLA.


We played Dr. Frankenstein by experimenting with toasted ensaymadas. Using pharmacy-bought syringes, we injected each bun with whatever we could find in the kitchen. Next time you find a box of ensaymadas going unnoticed on the dining room table, you know what to do. Eat it with. . . fillings.

What would you stuff your ensaymada with? Tell us with a comment below!

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  1. The Muhlach ensaymada I tried dipping in a simple matcha glaze then topped with white chocolate shavings. Pretty decent, I think.

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