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Elbert’s Pizzeria Makes Wood-Fired Napoli-Inspired Pizza Using Italian Ingredients

August 10, 2019

About 10 years ago, Elbert and Adrian Cuenca (of Elbert’s Steak Room Concepts) had unbelievably good pizza at their cousin’s place in Tagaytay. They were made using a homemade wood-fired oven, giving the pizzas crusts that were crunchy, chewy, and a smokey. That inspired the brothers to open their own pizzeria. After a number of successful restaurants, a serendipitous opening of a space in Salcedo Village, and a month of pizza-making training in Italy, Elbert’s Pizzeria finally opened last month.

Elbert’s Pizzeria hopes to bring authentic Neapolitan pizza into Manila. (That said, Chef Adrian admits they’ve had to make a few tweaks to cater to Filipino palates.) And to make sure of that, they use ingredients imported from Italy (including Caputo 00 flour). Their shiny beechwood-lined oven is also Italian—and can cook pies in 90 seconds.

Simple, yet special(e).

Taking its cue from Napoli pizzerias, the menu only has 12 items. This allows them to zero in on what’s truly important: the crust. Although, we must say, their toppings are superb. Don’t expect unusual, overloaded pizzas. Their pies are simple, but the premium ingredients bring a delightful marriage of flavors. We recommend the Pizza Margherita Speciale. It uses yellow cherry tomatoes (instead of red), which gives it a refreshing sweetness.

Elbert’s Pizzeria

A pizzeria serving wood-fired Napoli-inspired pizza.

ADDRESS: Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, 125 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-11PM daily
contact: (02) 978-8325
SPEND: PHP200-600
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