EDSA BDG to Launch Next Week from the People Behind The Curator

May 2, 2019

March 25 will mark the official opening and launch of the EDSA Beverage Development Group (EDSA BDG) from the same guys behind coffee bar The Curator. Sly Samonte, Jericson Co, and David Ong teamed up with architect Sara Canlas to create this retail laboratory. “This is where we’re trying to develop things for all markets,” Sly elaborates. “It’s where we’ll be producing better alternatives to [drinks such as] beers and sodas. It will just be about the pursuit of the beverage.”


Visitors to the beverage bar can only drink whatever beverage is being perfected or experimented on at that moment.

EDSA BDG is located in the middle of EDSA itself, along Florida, Mandaluyong. It’s a large space that houses several smaller areas meant for collaborative work. The first floor is the arena, which houses the 15 kg coffee roaster and the microbrewery. The second floor is a wider space made up of two main areas. First, there’s the beverage bar, where both coffee and cocktails are brewed and prepared. Visitors to the beverage bar can only drink what’s being served. This detail makes visitors a part of whatever collaborative process is afoot.  Since developers will be busy experimenting and perfecting different drinks, visitors are expected to clean up after themselves.


“We’ll just be serving one type of coffee but we’ll be brewing it in different ways to bring out certain characteristics,” Sly explains. “The other things we’ll be working on are the cocktail ingredients that are sourced from local farmers rather than buying them from the supermarket.” At the same time, visitors can see how their drinks are being prepared thanks to the mirrors located right above the bar itself.

edsa6 edsa7

“There are a wide range of Filipino products and items that are indigenous to our country but have never really been explored.”

Eventually EDSA BDG hopes to produce and popularize new cocktails made solely from local ingredients. “There are a wide range of Filipino products and items that are indigenous to our country but have never really been explored in terms of producing a beverage or even something edible,” Jeric adds. “We want to take these ingredients on the road and to other countries so that eventually we can export and manufacture something we can be proud of.” EDSA BDG will be the platform for these new Philippine drinks, and eventually, the full-scale cocktail menu will be using only locally produced spirits.

edsa2 edsa3

The complex also houses a coffee machine showroom and EDSA BDG’s main office. It’s also where the workshops, training sessions, and consultancies are to be held. There’s even a small kitchen where chefs can cook dishes that are meant pair well with the drinks being developed. There are also smaller, private rooms where walk-ins will be welcomed and collaborators can sit down with EDSA BDG to discuss ongoing and future projects.

edsa8 edsa10

EDSA BDG’s official journal, Angkas, will also launch next week.

EDSA BDG will be officially opening its doors on March 25. The launch week until March 29 will be composed of coffee and beer workshops, a course on water, and an evening discussing the key notes with drinks. Next week will also mark the launch of EDSA BDG’s official journal, Angkas, a website that will communicate the studio’s progress on its different projects.


What do you think of EDSA BDG? Are you excited to visit them once they’re open? How do you feel about their unique approach to drinks and beverages? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    This looks very, very promising. Hope that the products eventually trickle down (not because I’m a fan of the mainstream, but I do hope that our collective taste gets elevated because we’re better than vanilla, no offense to vanilla).

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  4. Dale Kamp says:

    I’m excited for the products that will be developed here in the future, and what this will bring to the country.

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