Eddy’s Chicharonnes Completes the Chicharon Experience with Their Own Homemade Spiced Vinegar

August 24, 2019

Last 2018, Eddy Go’s daughter experimented on cooking chicharon from scratch. She asked the family to taste her trial batch; and while everyone loved it, Eddy felt it needed a bit more improvement. So, being a passionate home cook himself, he decided to tinker with it, adding his own flare along the way. He developed the final recipe; and later on, he decided to sell it commercially.

Chichi over chicharonnes.

Eddy’s Chicharonnes initially just offered the regular skin-only variant—thin and crispy, reminding us a bit of chicharon bulaklak. But after clamors for a version with “laman” (meat and fat), they put out a premium line. To ensure the quality and freshness of their chicharon, they only start production when they reach the order requirement for a batch. They don’t add any preservatives, so each bag only has a shelf life of three weeks (from delivery). That’s never a problem, though. Like us, you’ll probably finish everything immediately.

Sinamak. Sinamak. Sinamak. It sounds like a rap verse.

The brand also offers their own sinamak (spiced vinegar) to complete the chicharon eating experience. Don’t be too intimidated by the chilies. It’s not as spicy as you think. Rather, it has a good balance of heat and sourness that pairs well with the chicharon in the sense that it doesn’t overpower it. Currently, they sell bags by the trio. But keep an eye out as they’re coming out with larger packs, as well as more flavors, in the coming holiday season.

Eddy’s Chicharonnes

Local premium chicharon and spiced vinegar.

CONTACT: (0917) 826-9417
SPEND: PHP250-400
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