Eat Your Age: A Guide to Eating in Your 30s vs. 20s

The wide divide between your 30s and 20s brings a whole lot of changes. Aside from the obvious career and self-confidence boosts, there are very stark differences in the way we eat and dine. So if you’re in your 30s, come along and cringe with us. And if you’re in your 20s, do keep an open mind.

Oh yes—it’s inevitable that your once invincible gut will turn into a gut you want to make invisible.

How Filipinos in their 30s eat vs Filipinos in their 20s1

On Splurging For A Meal

Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it, you hard worker you.

30s: How about that 8-course degustation? Let’s pair it with a 2006 Cabernet. That was supposedly a good year.

20s: Upsize that sucker. I’m feeling rich tanayt!


Got the midday munchies?

30s: Oh, I’ve brought some celery and carrot sticks. Made a nice curry-infused spiced yogurt dip to go with it. SO yummy. Try some!

20s: Ketchup fries are tomatoes and potatoes. They’re vegetables, right? And these gummi bears have REAL fruit juice! It says so on the label…

How Filipinos in their 30s eat vs Filipinos in their 20s2

Budget Meals

Short on cash and need to save?

30s: If you don’t mind eating at home, I can pop some chicken into the turbo broiler…

20s: One order of Siomai, unlimited rice (hellzyeah!) topped with all the chili garlic sauce my stomach can take. W00t! FREE ICED TEA!

Overindulging and the Morning After

Whatever the age, we all fall off the wagon and binge.

30s: I need an extra 5km on the treadmill. MOAR CARDIO! And biking. And Yoga. *shakes arm to increase Nike Fuel points*

20s: *scrounges for leftover pizza in the box* Mmmm…pepperoni.

How Filipinos in their 30s eat vs Filipinos in their 20s3

Settling the Bill:

Meal done? Okay, check please!

30s: It’s on me, guys. No, really—your money’s no good here.

20s: Diba you ordered iced tea? And I didn’t touch the appetizers.

Picture Perfect

What to do before you have a meal?

30s: What are people saying about this place on looloo? Look at some of the tips on Swarm, nga.

20s: #dinner #friends #foodporn #mealtime #eating #eatingout #instafood #igersphilippines #igersfood #yummyfood #nomz #nomnomnom #thisiswhyimfat #foodfie #restaurant ARGH WHY IS MY LTE SO SLOW?!!!

How do feel about the article above? Do you eat your age? If you have any other observations, share it with us in the comments below!

8 Responses

  1. Hehe. I agree with the main point (that, like a fine wine, my taste has improved with age). Still, I have no real compunctions about splurging every now and then on less-than-fancy and surely-not-healthy food, just because YUM.

  2. I’m in my mid-30s yet I still eat like I’m in my 20’s. Your 30’s description is too uptight.

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