Amelia Rampe Shares Her Dynamite Lumpia Recipe

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Dynamite (aka dinamita, dynamite lumpia, or dynamite rolls) are a staple in both street food carts and Filipino potlucks. Filled with chilis stuffed with meat and cheese, the rolls are a step up from regular lumpia. Obviously, it packs a lot of heat—but it’s balanced out with savory (or sometimes even subtly sweet!) ground meat and salty (often Eden) cheese.

Brooklyn-based Filipino-American food editor, recipe developer, and food stylist Amelia Rampe teaches us how to make her dynamite lumpia recipe. Although she was raised in a Filipino household with the classics (like adobo and sisig), Amelia didn’t grow up eating dinamita. But she recalls seeing it everywhere on a trip to the Philippines last year. She finally tried it in Boracay, and she loved how it was packed with so many things.

Amelia’s Dynamite Lumpia Recipe

These dynamites are BTS-approved!

Amelia’s recipe sticks to the core of the dish. But it’s made with a few adjustments based on what’s available to her in New York. She swaps out the siling haba (green finger chilies or siling pang-sigang) for jalapeños and the Eden cheese with American cheese. She also uses her own simple recipe for lumpia filling.

There are a couple of tips that can help you make this recipe without a hitch. First is to wear gloves when de-seeding your chilies. This is optional, but it helps protect you from the spicy oils coming from the chilies. Amelia also shows us her nifty lumpia-folding technique!

Frying these rolls is as easy as dumping them into hot oil (as they do in street food carts). But if you can, Amelia suggests adjusting the heat of your oil depending on the thickness of your chilis. Jalapeños are thicker than our local siling haba, so you might want to go hotter than usual when using them. If you’re making a large batch of dynamite, you can also stick them into a 200F oven to keep them warm and crispy.

Since this recipe uses jalapeños, there’s more space to fill with meat and cheese; and that results in more hefty rolls—which is even better. The wrapper, done right, is golden and crispy (there should be a satisfying crunch when you bite into it!). Let your dinamita rest before eating it. We know you want to enjoy already, but heed our warning: it’s going to burn you if you eat it straight out of the pan!

Dynamite Lumpia Recipe



Serving Size

4 people

Active Time

1 hr

Total Time

1 hr

Instructions for Dynamite Lumpia

  1. Peel and very finely chop shallot or yellow onion until you have about 2 tablespoons.
  2. Peel and very finely chop 2 cloves garlic.
  3. Very finely chop scallion whites and greens.
  4. Cut 4 ounces of cheddar or American cheese into ¼ in x 1-inch strips.
  5. In a medium bowl combine shallot, garlic, scallion, 8 ounces ground pork, 1 teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper. Mix with your hands until well combined.
  6. Wearing gloves, carefully remove the seeds from the jalapeno. Working one at a time, on one side of the jalapeno cut crosswise just below the stem, do not cut all the way through. Then below the crosswise cut, slice lengthwise from the cut to the bottom of the pepper. Open up the jalapeno and cut away the seeds at the base of the stem. Remove the seeds and white ribs.
  7. Repeat with the remaining peppers.
  8. Take two teaspoons of filling and roll it in your hands until it fits the inside of the jalapeno.
  9. Tuck the filling into the center of the jalapeno.
  10. Add two pieces of cheese to the filling.
  11. Repeat with the remaining peppers.
  12. Separate the lumpia wrappers. Place beaten egg white in a bowl.
  13. Take one lumpia wrapper and lay it flat on the surface. Take one corner and fold it in toward the center.
  14. Place the stuffed jalapeno on the wrapper, stem side on the fold. The stem should not be inside the wrapper but poking outside the fold.
  15. Fold the opposite end up over the jalapeno, adjusting to the size of the pepper, as needed.
  16. Fold one of the remaining corner edges over the jalapeno. Roll up and snugly over the pepper, toward the last remaining unfolded corner until you have two inches left unfolded.
  17. Dip fingers in the egg white and brush the remaining edge, then roll to close, pressing to seal.
  18. Repeat with the remaining jalapenos.
  19. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. You need enough oil to reach halfway up the dynamite lumpia.
  20. When the oil shimmers or is about 350 degrees, add dynamite lumpia to the skillet and cook, until deep golden brown on one side 2 – 21/2 minutes, adjusting heat as needed if it’s cooking too quickly.
  21. Flip and continue to cook until deep golden brown on the other side 2 – 21/2 minutes more. You can test for doneness by poking an instant-read thermometer in the center, if it reaches 145 degrees, it is done.
  22. Repeat with remaining jalapenos, adding oil as needed, until they are all cooked.
  23. Let cool 5-10 minutes before eating.

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