Dulong Queen Rules Family Lunches with Savory Dulong Dips

May 4, 2019

Dulong is often cooked into torta, but Dulong Queen reimagines the seafood into savory dips. We know the thought of dunking crackers into a sea of tiny fish can be unnerving. But Dulong Queen may just turn you into loyal subjects (get it?).

Dulong Queen uses olive oil (instead of corn oil) making it healthier than other dulong dips.

In 2008, Tita D started making dulong dip to bring to weekend family lunches. It was such an instant hit that it became a Sunday staple. Everyone would mindlessly finish it with toast during long conversations in the afternoon. Heck, even the kids loved it.

After lots of encouragement, Tita D decided to start selling her dips. She would make so many batches, her entire house would smell like dulong, prompting her family to nickname her the “Dulong Queen”—hence, the name.

You can put it on anything, really.

The dip comes in four flavors. The Classic version is ideal for the usual matches (fair warning: it’s addictive). And their Con Feta dip works well with salad and pasta. They also have the Classic Fry and Chili Fry variations, which offer hints of crunch from the addition of fried garlic. You can use it to top anything from sushi to pizza.

Dulong Queen

Versatile dips made of dulong.

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