Ante.’s Fruit-Infused Tea Can Perk up Your Morning, or Their Spiked Tea Can Fuel Your Evening

November 15, 2018

Ante. stands for “A new tea experience,” says Lorenzo Vega, its founder and the jokingly self-proclaimed “sleazy salesman” of the brand. And Ante. is just the experience it claims to be: a brand that takes everything you associate with tea, and shakes it up—”literally and figuratively,” Vega points out.

The drink is designed to put tea (and not sugar, emphasizes Vega) as the star, with 3 variants that use 3 different kinds of teas as their base. Their tea is sweetened with honey, and infused with fresh fruits, all of which are shaken (thus, the literal) into the drink upon order so you have a drink that tastes as fresh as possible.

All the drinks are named after popular songs by iconic hip hop rappers who Vega looks up to as culture shapers.

A firm believer in the “less is more” philosophy, Vega explains that they wanted to create 3 simple variants that were “great,” instead of a menu of “good” drinks that reads like a laundry list. With that, they came up with the Blacker Berry (a black tea base, offering a robust flavor), the Sunday Candy (a red tea base, and the sweetest of the bunch), and the Ultra Light Green (a green tea base, that is the lightest in flavor). Since your drink is put together upon order with fresh ingredients, it doesn’t last more than 24 hours (and that’s assuming too that you can keep it cool, otherwise consume it before the day is up).

The Ultra Light Green stands out as our favorite, with a subtle sweetness that brings out the earthy flavor of green tea. The Blacker Berry comes second, with the strongest tea flavor that gives us just the energy we need. And the Sunday Candy is fantastic for those with a sweet tooth as it tastes just how it is named: like candy. The tea is fun to continuously shake throughout your day, which allows the flavors of the fruits to become further infused into the drink. And if you want to “up your Ante.”, you can add PHP100 for a shot of brandy (in Blacker Berry), rum (in Sunday Candy) or gin (in Ultra Light Green). Watch out though—Vega calls this the new Weng Weng as it’s a traydor, and he wouldn’t recommend more than 2 shots in a single bottle.

Ante distinguishes itself with its accompanying apparel label.

Design is a key component to Ante. (the figurative, as mentioned!). Vega tells us it took him 3 months to get the perfect bottle as he wanted it to have the high quality, tactile feel: sturdy enough to feel reusable, yet light enough to still feel disposable. You won’t find a bottle like this anywhere else as they are made especially for Ante., with their logo silkscreen printed on the bottle upon fabrication. Vega enlisted Serious Studio to brand Ante., Justin Bilbao to design and help build the pop-up store (currently in Greenbelt 5), Serious Spaces as the architect, and collaborated with so many more (“more than 50 incredibly talented people touched this brand”), including the Virays of Joe’s Brew, to help the brand become what it is today.

As reflected in Ante., Vega is a person who dares to be different. The founder of two other brands whose industries are wildly different from each other and from Ante.—the award-winning Siklesa and the delivery company My Shopping Box—Vega tells us they have one common theme: they want to challenge the status quo, and by doing so, help shape it. You can try Ante. at Greenbelt 5, where it will be stationed indefinitely.


A new tea experience, offering fruit-infused tea that is shaken upon order and never pre-bottled.

ADDRESS: G/F, Greenbelt 5, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM–10PM daily
CONTACT: (0999) 784-5468 / (02) 775-3822
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