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Dragon Noodle Center Is a 42 Year Old Establishment in Ermita That Serves Noodles Made In-House

March 24, 2019

Dragon Noodle Center (also known as Dragon Noodle House) is a family-owned establishment that’s been in Ermita for four decades, serving up noodles that they make in-house. The building is hard to miss, with its huge sign in a huge building on a not-so-busy street.

Their most popular type of noodle is their egg noodle, but we’re honestly really into the ho fan as well. Their incredibly friendly staff are very warm towards customers, and act like family with one another, understanding the place and their menu quite well for the more seasoned ones. It is no wonder Dragon Noodle Center is an institution, not only for their food but also for their people.


A Chinese noodle house in Malate.

ADDRESS: 1037 MH Del Pilar Street, Ermita, Manila
VISIT: 7AM–1AM daily
CONTACT: (02) 525-1523
SPEND: PHP130–250
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