Diwa Brew Makes Kombucha and Coconut Water Kefir for Your Daily Dose of Delicious Probiotics

Air Hernaez, the brewmaster behind Diwa Brew, started brewing her own kombucha 3 years ago as a way to access the drink’s health benefits without paying the hefty price tag attached to imported brands. In time, she and her partner Miggy felt that they wanted to make the healthy fermented tea more accessible to others, and with that they founded Diwa Brew.

Kombucha may be a growing trend, but Diwa Brew is the only vendor we know that offers coconut water kefir!

“I want to be a catalyst for change by creating a conscious, balanced, and compassionate life through Diwa Brew,” explains Hernaez. More than a business, Diwa Brew is a means to share with others the powerful benefits of kombucha, which is rich in vitamin B, amino acids, and enzymes, improves digestion, detoxifies the liver, and so much more.

Return their bottles to ensure they get recycled.

The strawberry-pineapple is their most popular, being more gentle in the tartness than the others and thus more accessible. Though the pineapple-ginger-turmeric boasts having the most health benefits because of the separate benefits of the components that flavor it. Mango-ginger is their drink that changes with the time of year—more on the sweet side when mangoes are in season, and more on the tart side when the fruits are not.


Kombucha and coconut kefir made to order.

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