Dindi’s Kitchen Paints their Pasta Rainbow Colors Using Vegetables and Superfoods

February 24, 2018

Dindi Roman first became curious about making her own pasta in 2016 when she saw a story online about a mother who colored her pasta using vegetables to get her son to eat more veggies. With a then-1 year-old son of her own, Roman had started to introduce solid food into his diet including her homemade pasta experiments. She found that despite his being a picky eater, her son loved her pastas that she had started to color herself using the same veggies-only method, so she decided to share her experiment with her fellow-moms who may be suffering the same issue of including more healthy ingredients in their kids diets. “These were the same moms that encouraged me to start the business,” Roman tells us.

Roman tells us that her son is her inspiration for Dindi’s Kitchen. If it wasn’t for him, she never would have thought to make her own pasta at all, she says.

Her rainbow-colored pastas are all colored using vegetables and superfoods: beets for red, carrots for orange, turmeric for yellow, moringa for green, and blue pea for blue. The colored rainbow pastas have a tinge of taste in them if you want to enjoy them plain, but throw in a strong tomato sauce and the taste disappears, giving you all the health benefits of the superfoods or veggies and just the pure fun of their bright rainbow colors. For pastas that veer towards the more gourmet palate, Roman also offers boutique pasta flavors including chocolate, garlic herb, lemon pepper, and pepper, whose tastes are best highlighted when mixed in with some olive oil or butter (and some grated parmesan on top). You can even make a special request for keto-pasta from Roman.

Roman likes to toss in butter, parmesan and chili flakes for a quick 10-minute gourmet meal.

Roman began selling gluten-free, keto cookies and her fresh homemade pasta to other parents in early 2017, though it was the pasta that really took off with the parents as they were delighted to find out they were colored with vegetables and vitamins. The kids loved seeing their favorite colors in pasta form too. But the fun isn’t just for the kids—Roman tells us though the pasta is quite a workout to make thanks to endless kneading, she enjoys playing around with different shapes, sizes and colors, and seeing how they all turn out.

Fresh pastas cook more quickly than store-bought ones, at approximately 5-7 minutes; Roman tells us to always check on the pasta every minute past the 3-minute mark to make sure it’s got your preferred amount of bite (she prefers it al dente so she removes it sooner rather than later). These fresh pastas are a jiff to cook and a joy to consume, brightening up your pasta meals with color, flavor, and truly remarkable texture to boot.

Dindi’s Kitchen

Fresh, homemade pasta infused with fresh flavors, and colored with vegetables and superfoods.

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