Delirious Cookie Co. Goes Back to Cookie Basics (And Does Them Really, Really Well)

“[Cookies offer] good portions, [they’re] easy to share, [and they’re] easy to keep,” shares Chiko Sandico, a cookie aficionado whose love for the baked good inspired her and husband Rhed to establish Delirious Cookie Co. Rhed and Chiko both love eating and making sweet treats: Rhed learned to make desserts “out of necessity” during a time he was living in New York, while Chiko had been baking since her elementary school days and dabbled in it more frequently as she approached college. Though Rhed admits he was not originally a cookie person (“[I] used to think cookies are for kids), he was impressed by how Chiko’s versions reminded him of those from Levain’s in New York—and thus set out to share them with the world.

Clockwise from top left: Serious (chocolate chip), Wicked (matcha-swiss white chocolate), Naughty (fudgy dark chocolate peanut butter chip), Intense (fudgy dark chocolate-chocolate chip), Mighty (brown butter, toffee, toasted almond, and milk chocolate—our top pick!), and Nutty (chocolate chip-walnut)

Chief among their cookies are classic cookie flavors amusingly named after emotional states. There’s  a cookie for everyone, whether you’re feeling Serious (chocolate chip), Nutty (chocolate chip-walnut), Intense (dark chocolate-chocolate chip), or Naughty (dark chocolate peanut butter chip), or even Wicked (matcha with white chocolate). Tried-and-tested as they may be, their versions are anything but run-off-the-mill with their crisp edges, dense and chewy (and when microwaved, practically molten and gooey) interiors, and real-deal chocolate chips that melt as you tuck your teeth in. Most outstanding of the lot is the aptly-named Mighty cookie, a silent stunner with its brown butter base and bits of toffee, milk chocolate, and almonds coming together harmoniously.

Though great straight out of the box, give ’em a whirl in the microwave to really get their centers molten and gooey. (Don’t forget a scoop of ice cream on top!)

Key to their excellent creations are good ingredients.”We make sure to use only the best and never scrimp,” they share. More notably, cookies are baked only upon order—the very same day they’re delivered for most cookies (except the chocolate-based ones, which need overnight cooling to get to the right texture)—to ensure freshness. And being cookie-crazed themselves, Rhed and Chiko ensure to only ever offer cookies they themselves would love. As Chiko puts it: “Cookies are a happy dessert. You can’t really be sad when you’re eating [them].”

Delirious Cookie Co.

Chewy cookies named after emotional states.

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