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Del Monte, Lasap, or McCormick: Our Supermarket Gravy Mix Taste Test

September 13, 2019

We’ve found that a huge part of the chicken experience often involves its delicious sidekick. We’re talking about the gravy—a sauce usually made from the pan drippings and fat, then thickened with flour or cornstarch. It’s pretty simple to make from scratch, but it’s usually a product of roast chicken. So when you’re doing any other way of cooking your bird (like frying), gravy mixes are an easy alternative. How do the different supermarket brands compare?

Note: All gravy mixes were prepared according to individual package instructions.

Del monte

Del Monte comes out a very pale brown, miles away from the color advertised on its packaging. It’s very watery, and there a lot of clump action going on. To our disappointment, it doesn’t taste at all like gravy. Someone from the team says it “tastes like water with pepper, and a cow dipped its feet in it—that’s how beefy it is,” (which is not at all, in case you didn’t get that).


The cheapest of the bunch, Lasap’s gravy takes on an inoffensive brown hue. It’s thick and a bit watery. There are a few clumps, but we’re not mad at it. You’ll also find a few specks of pepper. The flavor is what you’d expect from a classic, base gravy. It has a mid-salty level, and a hint of mushroom-iness. One person likens it to Jollibee gravy.


McCormick is the thickest, and is a deep brown in color. It has a lot of visible pepper flakes, which you can taste at every dip. It’s obviously spiced, and it even tastes beefy. But we found it too overpowering. A few of us agree that it needed a few more cups of water.


Lasap’s textbook flavor and consistency makes it the one we’d choose to dip our chickens in on a daily basis. The fact that it’s the cheapest of the three is an added bonus. McCormick could’ve been the best, though—if only they changed the package instructions.

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