The Bukidnon Butter That Tastes Like Cheese

January 27, 2016

Bad-for-your-body health claims as we know them come in waves of three. First, sugar was the enemy, then fat, then carbs—then it took another spin around, and sugar climbed the rungs again. But while carbs remain to be the top tier contender for plumping up those love handles, the consumption of fat is suddenly not so bad.

When Time magazine’s issue came out with a curl of yellow glowing at the center, the words above it sporting the same sunny color read, “Eat Butter.” The cover line command became a dining commandment, and local pasteurizing estate, The Dairy Farm became a preacher of the word. The Bukidnon-based brand, owned by Joan Esta and GP Pantig, houses a hundred New Zealand cows that graze in pastures, as opposed to abiding by processed diets. This results in products made from the milk of completely grass-fed cows.

Butter CI1Of them, it’s the blocks of butter that are gloriously thick in the mouth, with smacks of cheese surfacing through every bite. The Dairy Farm’s variety stands best as a table butter, though some opt to use it for cooking. But Esta has noted that their butter has made its way to many a morning cup, thanks to those active in CrossFit training, because of the health promises attached to Bulletproof coffee (black coffee with a tablespoon of grass-fed butter mixed in place of milk); supposed hunger suppression, weight loss, and energy promotion.

Currently they produce butter and cheese in small batches, churning around a thousand blocks on a monthly basis. If you’re one to advocate the good word of eating fat, trying out The Dairy Farm’s stuff is a good place to start.

The Dairy Farm

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