Your Brand is Bland is pretty straightforward. We take blah-looking brands, and work with some of the coolest design studios to give them a facelift.

This Curly Tops rebrand was done in collaboration with And-A-Half Design Studio’s very own Mike Parker and Corinne Serrano. The revamped logo was made to fit the namesake of the brand by using an original, hand-drawn curly font by And-A-Half themselves. Cool, huh?

I don’t know anyone who dislikes Ricoa’s Curly Tops. I can easily finish a box of these fudgy mouthfuls in under 5 minutes. And if you find their fluted edges a little too girly, Ricoa also makes Flat Tops (although you won’t be able to distinguish between the two once they’re in your mouth).

Unlike its foil-wrapped twin, Curly Tops come in dainty brown doilies, and are boxed in cartons. For this project, we used very thin sheets 0f wood (recycled from an old cheese casing) to make the small, cylindrical box. Talk about being environmentally-friendly and hip!

Looking at the end product, our Curly Tops version looks like it could sell for Php 400, don’t you think? If Curly Tops adapted this look, would you purchase it instead of those international chocolate brands?

Any brand out there that’s in dire need of a makeover? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  2. nice idea. i like the new logotype and the whole re-branding scheme. it’s about time.

    i liked the simple, earthy color and feel of the proposed new look which in effect, gave the product the classic appeal that truly embodied its timelessness. it also made the item look ultimately organic.

    but i’d suggest in keeping with the carton material. using wood could pose issues on food safety as well as put a lot of strain on costing, pricing and the domino may continue on, putting too much unnecessary weight on marketing and promotions especially in view of a re-launch; unless, there will be other significant changes in the actual product recipe, which will not even make sense? why not just make an entirely new product, then?

    it’s gonna be quite odd to require such a huge price adjustment in the attempt to re-shape the product from its old form considering how i will have to agree that curly tops and flat tops can’t easily be distinguished apart. it doesn’t make sense either.

    i’m sure, given the sudden hefty variance in between… flat tops will eventually win this contest at the expense of having to phase out curly tops, entirely. that’s gonna be like imposing suicide on a much loved item, or imposing cure on something that’s not even ailing, to begin with.

    ricoa also has to keep in mind how much following the product still sustains vis a vis the confidence that this share of market will not mind a painful addition on its price tag.

    if the essence is that, the wooden box should be a collector’s item edition, the label or the brand should be more special than a printed sticker paper attached on the box. then again, the idea of direct printing may impose more costs than necessary given that there’s actually a local supplier that can do that for ricoa?

    using a carton version will practically solve or even contribute much savings since the new graphics appear to use less colors and is nil of photographic images.

    it may be a concern during item production, but maybe also, changing the portion size of the chocolate might contribute to additional perceived value if there remains that need to increase the price along with the attempt to do image upscale… again, if it will really guarantee the expansion of it’s market share and not merely sacrifice an already strong pool of long time patrons that had a stringent budget in mind for even choosing to avail the item on top of other brands?

    the curly paper cup that contained each chocolate bite is also another thing that made it special since its onset. from my vantage point it may be wise to keep it that way.

  3. Not sure if anyone agrees, but I feel Goldilocks deserve a better identity system. The new logo is interesting, but I feel it’s more suited for a mobile phone company than a bakeshop. Also, Fibisco’s products (Choco Mallows, Hi-Ro, etc.) looks like they’re stuck in the 1990s.

    1. i have to agree with the need to update fibisco’s packaging. who owns it anyway? maybe they just got too comfortable with a steady following to even do anything about it? sad… marcomms has to wake up!

  4. Somebody please rebrand Julie’s Bakeshop! Hahaha. That horrible mascot! No offense to Julie, if ever it’s based on a real person!

    1. that mascot is based on the identity of the original owner. but it’s now being ran by her kids 🙂

  5. This is awesome! But taste-wise, I still won’t buy a box at 400pesos. Curly tops have a grainy feel to the mouth. 🙂

    1. Actually they are Curly Tops. We were confused as well the first time we saw it but upon opening the box, turns out Curly Tops isn’t curly anymore. Sucks right?XD

      1. apparently, they seem to be doing some cost cutting within production already… how much does one paper cup cost these days? or could it be that the machine that they produced it with has already gone obsolete? yikes… too bad

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