The Deep-Fried Cronicles: Cronuts, Crookies, and Croclairs

November 25, 2018

When I first heard about the Cronut, I thought that like most food crazes, it would die down quickly. When I saw photos of the long lines, I thought to myself, Sweet! This Cronut dude must be making some serious dough.

A month or so later, Wildflour (in a bold move) made their own version. Other patisseries soon followed suit. Just like in New York, these deep-fried fat-filled babies had people lining up. I didn’t have the chance to go to The Podium during the Cronut”s first few days, so I just got my updates via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And being the snoopy little girl that I am, I’d always leave comments such as “Masarap? (Does it taste good?),” “Mahal? (Is it expensive?),” and “Sulit ba? (Is it worth it?)”

I always got mixed reviews. Some said it was heaven in donut form. Others said it was meh, they thought it wasn’t worth the hype.

I got pretty curious and wondered why I hadn”t gotten any (stop your dirty mind right there). Fortunately, my Aunt brought home a bunch of Chatime Kronuts, and I was able to try them out. They were crunchy and soft, but it reminded me of bicho, a Pinoy fried bread with sugar. The chocolate frosting was quite good, though. It wasn’t too sweet, so it complemented the sweetness of the Kronut. My only issue was that it was too oily for me, I had to wipe my tongue with a paper towel after.

It seemed that just like the Power Rangers, the Cronut was mightily morphing into other crozy creations such as the Crookie (Croissant Cookie), the Croclair (Croissant-Éclair), and the Squats (Square Cronuts). I wouldn’t be surprised if #Crupcakes suddenly started flooding my social media feed, but I hope it doesn”t. Crupcakes don’t sound appetizing at all, especially if they’re chocolate-flavored. Or worse, caramel.

I’ve tried several cro-creations so far, the Cronut, the Crookie, and the Croclair. Here”s my take on all three:

The “Croissant-Donut “ Cronut from Wildflour Bakery Café Podium (PHP 120 each)

I was only able to officially try Wildflour’s Cronut last week. (Side question: Do they have Cronuts in their Fort branch?) There was a queue, so I lined up. The lady asked me what I wanted to order, and I said that I wanted to try out all the Cronut flavors (there were 4 that day: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mixed Berry). She apologized and said that each person was limited to 2 Cronuts. When I asked, she said that their bestsellers were the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. I got the Chocolate Cronut, but opted for the Mixed Berry instead of Vanilla.


The Verdict

My friend told me that a Cronut reportedly contains 1,000 calories a pop. You can imagine my horror when I found out. The consistency of the Cronut itself was crunchy and flaky—just like a croissant (duh), but it had that pillowy-soft bite of a donut. Think of it as a slightly chewier churro filled with vanilla custard. The filling was quite sweet already in itself, so I think Wildflour could make do without the granulated sugar.

Despite my undying love for anything berry, I enjoyed the Chocolate Cronut much more because they used the dark variety. Just like Chatime’s, it balanced out the Cronut’s sugariness. The Mixed Berry, on the other hand, reminded me of jam. It had its tangy notes, but it was on the sweeter side, making that whole 1000-calorie Cronut Theory quite believable. I’d only come back for the chocolate ones, and maybe try some of the other flavors next time.

The “Croissant Cookie” Crookie from Wildflour Bakery Café Podium (PHP 120 each)


The Crookie is Wildflour’s version of the Oreo-Stuffed Croissant. Though I have to stress that they used only an Oreo (singular, yes) for each pastry, and topped it with an Oreo-like frosting. I remembered reading about the original one in Toronto”s Clafouti Patisserie & Cafe via . When sliced in half, the Clafouti version looks like this.

Crookie Photo from

But Wildflour seemed to have scrimped on the Oreos and went heavy with the frosting instead. Here’s their version.


The Verdict

The Crookie was sickeningly sweet and far from the “chocolate-filled kissing cousin” description of Clafouti”s. I already scraped the top off, and it still tasted like I was inviting cavities to party inside my mouth. Also, there was so much space left inside, they could fill it with a couple more Oreos if they wanted (the double-stuffed variety, even!). For its price, I was pretty disappointed. I should’ve bribed someone in line to get me another Cronut instead.

The Croclair (Croissant-Éclair) from Mesclun Bistro (PHP 125 each; PHP 1,375 per dozen)

Our good friend Kat Kuhn-Alcantara from Mesclun Bistro sent us a box of her Croclairs a couple of weeks ago. They came in two flavors: Traditional Éclair (chocolate-glazed filled with pastry cream) and Lemon Cream. She told me that she just finished the lemon ones literally 5 minutes before sending them over, and that she was going to come up a Salted Caramel flavor soon.


The Verdict

One of Kat’s fortes is really her pastry making skills. She’s the one you need to thank for the quality of Chuck Deli’s Slabwiches. We weren’t surprised at all at how good these were.

Between the two, I enjoyed the Traditional Éclair Croclair more. The chocolate wasn’t too sweet, and the filling was cool, light, and distinctly vanilla-y. It also had the right amount of filling, so it didn’t make the croissant dough soggy. I have to admit I couldn’t finish one on my own, though.

The Lemon Cream Croclair was citrusy and a refreshing break from all the rich flavors. I personally felt that it could’ve used more vanilla in the curd, but it was still a pretty decent pastry.

I now understand why people would make such a fuss about Cronuts. They’re quite a unique bunch, and I’d like to commend Dominique Ansel for this novel creation. The hyped-up hybrids gave me such a sugar rush, but it was all followed by a pretty bad sugar crash after. I love eating them, but they wouldn’t be something I’d crave for.

What other cronut variations have you sampled? Which brands do you think we should try out? Any sentiments on the crazy pastries mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below!

Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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19 responses to “The Deep-Fried Cronicles: Cronuts, Crookies, and Croclairs”

  1. Nestor Mendoza says:

    those lemon croclairs. O_O

  2. Weena S. says:

    yay! can’t wait to try it on my cheat day.

  3. Juanita says:

    LOL @ limit to 2 Cronuts

  4. Paresatbp says:

    Loved their Tiramisu and Dulce de leche Cronut

  5. Adrian De Leon says:

    Oh man, those Croclairs! I almost want to marry them. 😀

  6. Watch out for my “Cretzels” lol

  7. Addi dela Cruz says:

    “I love eating them, but they wouldn’t be something I’d crave for.” Hear, hear.

  8. Patrik says:

    Tried Wildflour’s, L’entrecote’s and Chatime’s cronuts. Between the three, Chatime’s is the best so far. I guess it tasted good because it was freshly baked. They just scrimped on the custard filling though. I found Wildflour’s cronuts dry and the filling was too sweet. L’entrecote’s was too oily @_@, and they had bad service, eek…….. Oh, I’ve also tasted the one from Dunkin Donuts—ermmm, it just tasted like a normal donut @_@. I’ve yet to try the one from Le Couer. I’m just quite frustrated and I don’t understand what the fuzz is all about. You’re right, they’re fun to eat, but nothing I’d really crave for.

  9. Jose Bimbo says:

    Ok ‘yung sa Le Couer, masarap ‘yung keso-parmesan. Sakto lang ang pagkatamis at masaya ‘yung pagkalambot, ‘yung sa Wildflour kasi parang medyo matigas? Parang otap lang. Atsaka eighty pesos lang ‘yung sa Le Couer at wala atang limit sa pagbili 🙂

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  11. Lesly Bries says:

    The Lemon Croclair sounds like an interesting dessert. I wonder how it would fare when paired with clotted cream and a not-too-sugary mixed berry jam. Sounds like perfect high tea fare to me. 🙂

    Hope you guys do a follow-up by checking out the Le Coeur one–curious about the idea of a savory cronut, although that sounds a lot more like brioche in principle.

  12. Victoria Castillo says:

    Tried the “croughnuts” at Designer Blooms Café in Alabang, Belgian chocolate and custard, for 95 pesos. Not bad, but one is meant to be shared among four people. Two other friends and I split two croughnuts, and my head is spinning from all the frying oil.

    Although I am amazed why cronuts have popped up here quickly, but no one has copied Portland, OR’s Voodoo Doughnut concept yet in doughnut-crazed Manila.

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  14. […] This is one of those “been there, done that” trends of 2013, I think. The famed croissant hybrid was responsible for those long lines and even longer stints at the gym (since each one clocks in at 1,000 calories a pop) we were all forced to suffer through. We’ve seen the signs, we’ve laughed at the name permutations (I was waiting for someone to use Doissant, but even that’s been already patented), and now, a good number of us deride these sweet creations like hipsters who liked a band before anyone else but now hate that they’ve made it big. Let’s not forget the Crookies and Croclairs. […]

  15. Trina says:

    I’ve tried bronuts (they used to have a stall in Rockwell) their pork floss cronut is good, savory and spicy. If I remember correctly they have 7 different flavours and is divided into sweet and savory fillings.

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