Corner Tree Cafe’s Chiqui Mabanta Shares Her Tips on How to Sustain a Healthy Diet

January 26, 2020

We’re sure lot of you promised to eat healthier at the start of the year. And while we’ve tried our best to help keep you on track, we know it can’t be that easy to go through a change in diet. So we’ve asked Chiqui Mabanta, founder of pioneer vegetarian restaurant Corner Tree Cafe, to give us a few tips on how to sustain a healthy eating lifestyle.

Don’t Stock up on junk food

Avoid the temptation of junk food by ridding your pantry of the stuff altogether. “[But] if you must [munch on junk food], get [more wholesome ones] at your local health food stores (like Healthy Options),” Chiqui advises.

Add healthier products to your pantry

Likewise, fill the now freed up space in your pantry, fridge, and/or freezer with healthier items. Among Chiqui’s suggestions are brown or red rice, adlai, quinoa, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Remember how good it feels

Constantly remind yourself how good eating better and exercising has made you feel thus far. “Just keep telling yourself, ‘Stay the course!,’ says Chiqui. You can even leave similar motivational notes on your bathroom mirror; or your phone, or anywhere else that’s always in view).

Don’t be too hard on yourself

There will be days that you’ll “fail”—sometimes even unintentionally. And if that happens, there’s no need to be hard on yourself. “Just try to make up for it the next day,” according to Chiqui. Though, she warns to be wary of being too lax on yourself, as well. “Minimize saying ‘Pa-minsan-minsan lang naman‘ too often.”

Practice meditation

Chiqui encourages you to learn how to meditate, and to practice it often. “[Meditation] helps us be mindful of our actions. If we are mindful, we feel more empowered and make better choices.” Download a meditation app to help get you started.

Always have healthy Food around

Always have healthy food around—in all forms: meals, snacks, drinks—so you have no excuse to break your diet. “I usually make a big batch of healthy stew, then divide into portions so when there is nothing to eat, I can just grab one and reheat,” shares Chiqui.

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