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Cook With This Secret Ingredient and Transform Ordinary Dishes Into Your Specialty

September 13, 2019

When you’re planning out your weekly meals, things can get a little repetitive. Flavors can start to blur together, and your recipes might just start tasting a little too similar. If you need a new way to introduce more deliciousness into your cooking repertoire, there are several ways to do it. If you’re a fan of Knorr products, then it’s time to discover a bottle of the new Knorr Savorrich—a liquid meaty seasoning that you add while you’re cooking to immediately boost the savory notes of your dishes. It works with almost every method, but we’ve listed down which ones will make your food the best it can be.


There’s a belief that frying makes anything taste good, but that’s not necessarily true. Seasoning is still incredibly important; adding spices to the flour perhaps, or marinating meat beforehand to ensure flavor permeates. This is where Knorr SavorRich comes in—it works as the ultimate marinade. Steep your chicken or beef in it to make it juicier, tastier, and infinitely more tender.


Roasting is a beloved method, but it can often be tricky. Sometimes the meat tends to dry out in your search for crispy, golden brown skin. Solve that problem with Knorr SavorRich by using it to make the skin of your roast chicken more golden and even glossier. By using it as a rub for chicken or any roast, it makes your dishes taste meatier and more delicious too.


This method benefits from long-marinated meats; sometimes recipes even recommend leaving your steak or barbecue in the liquid for hours, sometimes overnight. Imagine the shortcuts Knorr Savorrich gives you; instead of overnight, it can do the job in just ten minutes. Their meaty liquid seasoning also adds a rich golden color to whatever you’re grilling. This proves its versatility—you can cook any way with it, and walk away with excellent results each time.

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