Contribute to Pepper

Your grandmother’s coveted dinuguan recipe—swipe it now.


You don’t need to be a professionally trained cook. As long as you love cooking and have a recipe you’re proud of, share it with us.

What you need to know:

  1. Submit your piece via Google docs. Attach the link in the message and set it to “Anyone with the link can view this post.”
  2. Be extremely detailed in writing your recipe. Include the yield, time, procedures, and special equipment needed.
  3. Tell us why this recipe is special.
  4. Don’t just write the procedures, write why each step is important.
  5. Include a photo. Host this photo in imgur and attach the direct link in your message.
  6. Unless you’re a skilled photographer, no need to submit procedure images.
  7. Make sure you’ve tested this recipe before.
  8. You will be credited 100% for the recipe.
  9. Before publishing, we will test your recipe first then inform you if it needs tweaking.
  10. We’re highly likely to turn down recipes that use excessive extenders, umami enhancers like Knorr, and poorly presented.
  11. From an ethics standpoint, similarities between recipes is very common. If you suddenly see a recipe similar to yours in Pepper in the future, we did not copy it from you.
  12. We don’t have a budget for freelance recipes. (If you really want to get paid, you can apply as a part-time contributor, but you’ll be subject to strict screening.)

Submit a Recipe

Submit your work via Google docs, and attach the share link below so we can view your work. Make sure it’s set to “Anyone with the link can view”

Other Ways to Contribute