Contribute to Pepper

Artist? Designer? Photographer? Get your work featured in Pepper.


All of our articles feature some sort of visual: an illustration, photograph, or video. Apply as a contributor and we can talk about how to feature your work.

What you need to know:

  1. Attach your portfolio of works in the contact form either through a link to your portfolio, or link to a PDF hosted online.
  2. We do not have a budget for freelance pieces. (If you would like to receive payment, apply as a part-time contributor instead.)
  3. We’ll credit you 100% for the artwork in the post and in social media.
  4. If we like your work, we’ll reach out and pair with you with a post. We’ll give you enough time to work on the piece.
  5. You retain full rights to your work, and Pepper will not use your artwork for any other commercial purposes. If we do want to use it, we’ll reach out.
  6. Students are more than welcome to submit.

Contribute Visual Art

Attach a link to your portfolio or to a PDF uploaded to a hosting site like Dropbox. Make sure your view settings are set to Public. Make sure it’s set to “Anyone with the link can view”

Other Ways to Contribute