Comer y Comic: More than just Butter on Toast

September 10, 2016

There is a special place for butter in my heart, it’s a magical ingredient that can make most things more desirable than they really are and, honestly, the headaches after are worth it. But butter on its own has its own elegance, a subtle, lethargic decadence that is . But, flavored butter, that’s something else. It’s hard to flavor something prized for its subtlety, but Comer y Comic does just this without compromising what makes butter so, so good.

Loosely translated to “Eat and be merry,” Comer y Comic creates high end flavored butter that goes beyond normal toast. Often sinful, sometimes playful, their butter (P200 for 100g) reach different spectrums of flavor that makes eating their butters really distinct experiences.


Fruit & Nut Flavored Butter

From the Fruit and Nut Butter which has large morsels of roasted pistachios, apricots, cranberries, and finished with salt and sugar. It is bright and nutty, each bite promising bursts of tartness from the dried fruit, finished by the nuttiness from the pistachios and the creaminess of the butter. They recommend slathering it on a ham and cheese sandwich to add the extra edge of flavor.


Truffle, Balsamic & Apricot Flavored Butter

Their Truffle, Balsamic Vinegar & Apricot Butter is pungent and punchy. The strong aroma of the vinegar immediately hits you, but the butter mellows out with the bites of apricot and the earthiness from the truffle oil, making for quite a novel take on butter.


Sun Dried Tomato, Basil & Roasted Garlic Flavored Butter

Tartness and a pleasant earthiness distinguishes the Sun Dried Tomato, Basil & Roasted Garlic Butter from the others. The roasted garlic lending this subtle, but necessary sweetness, punctuated by hints of spice from the chili flakes.


Caviar, White Wine & Onion Flavored Butter

One of the more complicated pairings, attempting to blend flavors of the sea with the heavy sultriness of the butter. The Caviar, White Wine & Onion Butter lacks the salinity and fishiness that is trademark of caviar, but the bitterness of the wine and sweetness of the onion balances it out.


Roasted Chestnuts and Orange Confit Flavored Butter

The Roasted Chestnuts & Orange Confit Butter reminds you of eating marmalade more than anything else. The concentrated flavors of the orange paired with the subtle bitterness from the chestnut make this a very light and whimsical choice.

Comer y Comic plays with butter in the best ways possible, trying to highlight different aspects that make it great. And while butter and toast is always a welcome affair, these flavored butters prove that butter can be more than that.

Comer Y COmic

A local flavored butter playing with distinct flavors to use in lieu of your usual spread.

Contact: 0906 330 1292
Spend: 200 PHP for 100g bar of butter
Email: orders@comerycomic.com
Follow: Facebook / Instagram


Andre Orandain SEE AUTHOR Andre Orandain

Andre’s love for food began with his affair with a televised Nigella Lawson. He then met the literary voice Doreen Fernandez after reading Tikim, he was a changed man ever since. He aspires to eat around the Philippines, slowly unraveling the rich culture that archipelago can offer.

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