Comer y Comic’s Worcestershire Sauce Will Get You Through the Shortage And Beyond

December 7, 2017

We’ve explored the wonderful world of Comer y Comic’s flavored butters, which shook up our morning toast in ways both novel and creative, yet timeless in creamy, decadent appeal. Once again, the young purveyor invites us to “eat and be merry”—the loose translation of the company name—with their new creations: Food Well Dressed, a line of sauces and dressings that bring the joys of home-cooked food from the kitchens of Toogy and Laveena Clavecilla (CIA-schooled chef and cooking enthusiast-slash-marketing half of the team, respectively, and also the brains behind local hot sauce venture Traydor) over to yours.

Here’s a robust mustard that can stand up to the heartiest of meats and sausages. It’s great for cooking with, too.

“[Comer y Comic originated] from our desire to create a company that brought back how dining tables used to feel like,” shares Laveena. “Everyone gathered, meals were unhurried and very deliberately thought out, [and] everyone talked and laughed [with each other].” She acknowledges her luck in coming from a family that still makes it a point to practice these customs (“every night at my in-laws, we still have those old-fashioned dinners . . . [they would] last for two hours,” she shares), but admits that this may not be the reality for many others in this day and age. “No one has time for that anymore!,” she laments. “[But] we want others to have that too . . . [and for] your dining table to be a center of gravity.” Their ready-made creations aim to address this by giving the busy diner ways to jazz up their meals easily and conveniently with the unbeatable charm of food made with love, from scratch, and with real ingredients—as well as inspire budding cooks with their versatility of their products.

Enliven your roasts, homemade dressings, and cocktails with Comer y Comic’s Worcestershire sauce.

If you’ve noticed the seeming disappearance of stocks of Worcestershire sauce across local supermarkets, you’re in luck—Comer y Comic makes their very own version that is every bit as good (if not more robust and anchovy-forward) as that of the famous Lea & Perrins brand. “We’ve heard people say it’s comparable to the famous brand and even better than local options,” says Laveena. Serving sausages for dinner? You can’t do without a spicy condiment, and one such option to try is their Mustard 44 (“it took 44 attempts to get it out of our heads and into R&D,” Laveena tells of the name), a decidedly sharp, powerful mustard with a rustic chunkiness, studded with blitzed mustard seeds, that carries a complexity reminiscent of European varieties. Do try it in recipes: channel your inner Julia Child and use it as a marinade for lamb, or in this traditional chicken stew.)

No boring salads here—Comer y Comic offers proper vinaigrettes that work well with the crisp, sweet, earthy profiles of your favorite vegetables.

Should you crave the crisp, refreshing bite of a salad, a dollop of their dressings can help enliven your favorite salad mix. Take your pick from the zesty, piquant Spicy Calamansi variant (excellent for light, crisp greens such as romaine and other raw veggies), or go for the wonderfully bold Bistro Balsamic variant (which is just the thing to stand up to more bitter, hearty greens like arugula, kale, or even blanched kamote leaves). They’re just as great for dressing other dishes—Laveena, an admitted salad hater, recommends using the Spicy Calamansi atop fried kesong puti, or the Bistro Balsamic with rotisserie chicken or steak.

Keep a bar of the Salted Caramel & Brandy Butter in the fridge for a festive feel that’s just a spread of a knife away.

While any of their compound butters make for great pica-pica fare to keep on the grazing table, one variant you’ll especially want to have around this holiday season is the Salted Caramel & Brandy variant. Smooth and luxurious, with the burnt complexity of caramel (sans any overbearing sweetness), a touch of sea salt for contrast, and concluded with brandy’s profound depth, it imparts a distinctive opulence to just about anything you spread it on—toast, crackers, pound cake, scones, or as Laveena admits she enjoys (“no judgment ha,” she laughs), ensaymada.

Comer y Comic

Purveyors of compound butters, dressings, and condiments lovingly made from their kitchen.

CONTACT: 0906 330 1292
SPEND: PHP 200-250 for their bottled products and butters
EMAIL: orders@comerycomic.com
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