Coffee Hunter Lets You Have Single-Drip Coffee from Specialty Beans in an Instant, No Equipment Required

June 18, 2018

Rainy season is officially here and what better time to start brewing your own coffee when you’re stuck at home or in the office instead of being able to pick up your coffee on-the-go. Coffee Hunter, founded by Niña Guinto, is a coffee website that creates their own blends of coffee using locally grown beans primarily from Sagada, Benguet and Pulag, and the website itself is a great first-stop in your education to local coffee. Guinto calls the website an “exploration” in coffee, thus its name Coffee Hunter. More than just an online platform, Guinto uses it as a way to share her own discoveries and thoughts on coffee through the Hunter’s Log.

Guinto tells us that a goose-neck spout kettle is ideal for drip-coffee for the best control over a pour, but any kettle works in a pinch.

Coffee Hunter currently offers 2 blends: The Summer Roast and the North Highlands, both blends designed by Guinto herself. The Summer Roast is a combination of arabica and robusta beans that offers a floral and nutty taste, and is milder than the North Highlands. Guinto, who is also interested in wine (with a WSET Level 1 certification), compares the Summer Roast to a cabernet-merlot blend, and says it is “more creamy when mixed with milk.”

I decided to have my own blend [based on] how I like my coffee. I think [with] beverages, it really depends on your taste. It’s nice to be able to share what I think is great coffee and hopefully [other] people love it too.”

The stronger North Highlands’ blend features award-winning beans from Sagada, and gives off a slightly floral, more spicy flavor (Guinto compares it to a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, when comparing it to a wine).

Guinto studied coffee at the Coffee Science Center in Quezon City, first taking the Coffee Sensory Workshop followed by Roasting Theory. She also studied with the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI).

Guinto first had the idea to make the single-serve drip-coffee sachets while vacationing with her family in Palawan. As they were island hopping, they were served 3-in-1 coffee on the boat. The experience of having coffee on the boat was a memorable one for her, but she knew that the experience could be better. Guinto admits that she goes through above-average lengths to get her coffee fix, and hopes that this product will make it easier for everyone to have easy access to high-quality cups, even without their own equipment—all you do is pour hot water through the coffee filter and wait.

The sachets are made to order, and best when consumed within a few days of being ground.

Coffee Hunter

An online resource for local blends of coffee.

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