Code of Ethics

People find it hard to trust the media for obvious reasons: opaque intentions, slanted reporting, or ambiguous claims. We understand why, and we want to do something about it. We want to be upfront about our intentions so that’s what we’ll do. In this page, we’ll go through how we respond to each situation given the realities of running a media company.

Sponsored Articles & Paid Stories

We accept sponsored articles as long as the sponsor does not require us to express a favorable opinion towards them. Subjective stories such as opinions or reviews are never paid. All sponsored articles are clearly labeled.

Personal Relationships

In cases where a friend or family member of anybody in our team is closely connected to a business or product that we want to write about, we will disclose the relationship through a disclaimer in the post and label the post as “sponsored.” On top of this, we will only feature, not review, products owned by family and friends.

receiving freebies

Brands often send us free products in exchange for potential features. Sometimes we feature them, sometimes we don’t. We only feature, not review, freebies.


Advertising in Pepper does not mean that we view that company favorably. It does not reflect our personal opinion towards the advertiser. We screen all advertisements for design, relevance and alignment with our values.

Contests & Giveaways

We hold contests and giveaways with prizes that are usually sponsored by partners. Giveaways do not count as favorable opinions or endorsements of the host. Contestants are required to abide by the contest’s rules and requirements to receive the prize. We also reserve the right to disqualify spammers and contest junkies.