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Chuck’s Deli Is Back and Slayin’ with Their Famous Buffy Slabwich, but Guess How Else You Can Enjoy the Buffy

September 25, 2018

Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara with husband Marco Alcantara have finally brought Chuck’s Deli back, this time to Makati from their original Serendra location, and all their cult-followers are celebrating. They opened back in 2010 and closed in 2016, with the intent of reopening in a different location within the year. Motherhood put a pause on those plans, but the Alcantaras have returned with more exciting dishes than before.

Wait for the Buffy Challenge to come back and get your name on their wall.

All your favorite classics are back, in between slices of their signature in-house made ciabatta. Some may come in different names (such as Jessica‘s Meltdown now being called Ariel), and some are still rolling out (we’re waiting for the return of the Mother Chucker, a collaboration sandwich we did with Chuck’s some years ago, as well as the Pilgrim, our go-to turkey dish for Thanksgiving). In the meantime, you can check out the new items they have to offer, such as their versions of poutine and the upgraded milkshakes, now with a torched marshmallow top.

Chuck’s Deli

A celebrated sandwich shop known for their “slabwiches”, which use their ciabatta made in-house.

ADDRESS: 4636 Molina St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati
VISIT: 11AM–11PM Mondays to Saturdays
CONTACT: (02) 838-2279 / 0917-6201047
SPEND: PHP 245–445
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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