New Food Now: Are These Chips Ahoy Flavors Worth a Shot?

Months ago, I saw articles on these Birthday Frosting filled, Oreo Crème filled, and Ice Cream Creation Chips Ahoy variants flooding my social media feeds. And last week, while checking out the new SM Makati Supermarket, I saw a whole portion of an aisle devoted to these flavors (I hear they also stocked up at the Pioneer supermarket). The packaging was attention grabbing—a new look, glossy, and stamped with the Nabisco label. A taste test was definitely in order, so I piled up my grocery cart with a box of each, curious to peel off the lid and bite off a bit from each before checking out at the counter.

Birthday Frosting Filled & Oreo Crème Filled Chips Ahoy

chips ahoy1

chips ahoy10

Perhaps, the key difference between the Birthday Frosting and Oreo Crème filled Chips Ahoy is their appearance. The Birthday Frosting filled ones are sprinkled with rainbow-colored sugar confetti, while the Oreo Crème Filled cookies retained the normal Chips Ahoy look. I was immediately turned off by the “Chewy” factor—I prefer the original, crunchy one, since biting into the chewy ones reminded me of chewing Play-Doh.

chips ahoy9

True enough, sinking my teeth into both Chips Ahoy variants, for me, felt like biting into slightly dried up clay. It had that certain crumbly consistency that leaves an oily feel on your palate. The filling was too sweet and overly cloying; half a cookie would suffice. The cakey flavor of the Birthday Frosting was a bit too much, while the Oreo Crème sadly didn’t taste like it came from an Oreo.

chips ahoy8

Oreo, I believe, is something that shouldn’t be tampered with or forced to fit inside a cookie other than its black biscuit. Its Chips Ahoy offspring may have been a good idea, but I’m afraid to say, it doesn’t work as well as it sounds. The Birthday Frosting filled Chips Ahoy is definitely a pretty cookie, but taste-wise, maybe it’s something best left to the kids to snack on during pool parties. Or maybe, popping them in an oven for 45 seconds could improve the flavor, turning it into cookie dough.

Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations

chips ahoy2

Now, onto the ice cream creations. I admire Nabisco’s ballsy attempt to contain flavors that are best enjoyed in their cold, creamy, and melting states into the form of a commercially-sold cookie. Probably to mimic the smoothness, all ice cream creations came in the chewy variant, save for the Dulce de Leche one, which I thought was the best tasting flavor of the bunch.

chips ahoy3

The Root Beer Float flavor intrigued me the most. The idea of compressing a fizzy, soda pop flavor into a chocolate-chip shaped drop sounded like a high school chemistry project that could earn you an A. But when incorporated into the Chips Ahoy, I couldn’t help but make a sour face. When I shared it with the team, someone said it felt like eating root beer flavored lipgloss—synthetic and out of place in cookie form. It was a good idea, but they should’ve shelved it for further improvement.

chips ahoy4

The Mint Chocolate Cookie tasted like a brownie Chips Ahoy with seafoam green-colored mint bits. I won’t say that this is my favorite, but it had a more accurate execution of the flavor. The mint also didn’t taste like toothpaste, more like white chocolate infused with a hint of mint.

chips ahoy6

Out of all the variants purchased, I thought that the Dulce de Leche Chips Ahoy was the most decent of all six—or maybe I’m just biased because this was the only cookie they kept in its crunchy form. Imagine replacing the chocolate chips with caramel chips with a hint of butterscotch.

chips ahoy7

Another commendable choice is the Mocha Chunk, which has shy notes of coffee along with the chocolate. This would pair well with a cup of black coffee. Trust me, this cookie has all the sugar you need.

chips ahoy11

At the end of the day, a Chips Ahoy is still a Chips Ahoy—a grocery mainstay that shoppers will keep coming back for and stuff into their pantries. Though these new varieties are brave attempts to introduce something new and innovative to cookie consumers, the original ones sealed in the dark blue packaging will still be the ones I’d reach for. In this line of work, doing grocery item reviews can be a bit tricky since at the end of the day, it’s still a commercially produced (and sold) product, but when it comes to these cookies, my advice is to stay away. Trust me. It could save you a significant amount of money if you opted to purchase something else. I also do hope that they’re not here to stay.

Have you tried these new Chips Ahoy flavors? What do you think of them? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. I’ve only tried the rootbeer. And everyone in my family loved it. It has the mouth-feel and taste of rootbeer. I just wish it had more chocolate chips in it and that it came in the crunchy form of chips ahoy. Nonetheless, it was still worth the try for me 🙂

  2. I saw these at Robinsons Pioneer as well yesterday and thought i’d give one a try but opted to search for reviews first as they are not that cheap. And voila! I was just visiting for my daily Pepper.PH fix, and here you have it! Thanks so much for the review! At least now i know which ones i should prioritize in trying out first! =)

  3. Hi, I’m Nikki…long time reader, first time commenter. I would just like to know…where to buy said Oreo Cream Filled & Frosting Filled?

    Thank you in advance.

  4. I wish I read this before I bought the birthday cake filled one. 🙁 I had such high hopes. It didn’t look anything like the photo on the package. Sigh. 🙁

  5. Why do they even bother with these weird flavors? All they have to do is bring back Striped Chips Ahoy. That was the best thing ever.

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