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Chinese Street-Style BBQ Can Be Found at Shao Kao Grillery in Teacher’s Village QC

November 2, 2018

Shao Kao Grillery is a comfortable 2-storey restaurant right outside a family home in the Teacher’s Village area. Christine Gillette, the owner of the grillery, tells us that she and her husband first got to try shao kao (meaning barbecue) during a visit to China and were amazed by its simplicity and immense flavors. They wanted to recreate it in a way that was adapted for the palate of Philippines locals and, in 2013, they tested out the local market for 6 months by putting up the original Shao Kao Grillery in a food court along Mother Ignacia.

They’ve got vegetarian-friendly option too.

By 2014, they moved its location to just outside the family home—a conscious decision as Gillette wanted to be able to run the business while still being able to act as a full-time mom to her children. Their lawn-turned-restaurant has since become a spot where students and residents of the area can hang out and enjoy sticks of barbecue for meals or just as an afternoon snack. Aside from barbecue sticks, they also serve meat cuts ranging from lamb to angus steaks. Their unique combination of herbs and spices makes their grilled food stand out from other barbecue joints, and makes Shao Kao Grillery worth the visit.


Shao Kao Grillery

A family owned Chinese-style BBQ restaurant.

ADDRESS: 7 Masinsinan Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City
VISIT: 11:30AM–10:30PM daily
CONTACT: (02) 506-5834 /
SPEND: PHP30–845
FOLLOW: Facebook

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