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Chili’s Opens their 9th Branch and Proves Experience is Everything

September 29, 2016

Chili’s has been around for ages, almost 20 years in fact. Last September 14 they celebrated a milestone with their 9th restaurant opening at UP Town Center, tying with Malaysia in number of branches, the other strongest Chili’s in Asia. Known for their bold and exciting Tex-Mex, the chain has continually proven that it is a solid brand and a constant presence in the Philippines, not only consistently innovating with its menu but also with its unique Chili’s experience.

To get to know Chili’s better as a brand, we sat down with their COO of Chili’s Global Business Development, Mike Hudspeth, to discuss how Chili’s has grown and how it will continue to grow in the coming years. According to him, what really makes the Chili’s experience so great stems from two things: their team and its heritage and boldness.


What makes each Chili’s experience great is their team, which he cites as the “DNA” of the brand, a key factor when it comes to guest satisfaction. They make sure to train their team not only how to serve well, but to also show their own personalities while on the job. To create a welcoming energy, the team has to be at their best, and the only way to do this is to truly be themselves. This results in a staff that is not only extremely accommodating but also playful and vibrant, allowing the guest to feed off their energy.


On the other end of the spectrum is the makeup of their menu, with a constant adherence to heritage and innovation. Hudspeth cites that the brand draws from the bold and exciting flavor profiles that is telling of the Tex-Mex cuisine, the capability to be innovative and make the dishes more exciting for the guest. This idea runs through their menu with choices that mix the old and the new, ranging from their Oldtimer Burger to their Guacamole Burger. Another part of their defining characteristic is allowing their guests to participate in making the experience, the best example: their Mix & Match Fajitas. A truly customizable experience, their Mix & Match Fajitas come with a choice of protein or a mix of grilled chicken, grilled steak, pork carnitas, or seared shrimp. It is then served with a number of sauces and dips, from their cumin-lime sour cream to their jalapeño relish.

They make sure to employ this sense of “shareability” whenever they conceptualize their menu items, like their newest addition, the Flatbreads. It is a nod to their rich Tex-Mex heritage with its mix of bright and intense flavors.

The Chili’s experience has shown itself to be one that allows guests to make each experience different. It’s a fun and laidback experience, one that has proven exceedingly successful. And to celebrate their 20th anniversary, they are opening their 10th branch, effectively overtaking Malaysia, in North Edsa. With a brand like this, and a solid dining makeup, it is no wonder Chili’s has experienced such success in our country, and it seems that it doesn’t have any plans of stopping. We wouldn’t want to, either.

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