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Cheech and Chang Hong Kong Roasts Make Peking Duck Served in Baos Made from Scratch

November 1, 2018

Cheech and Chang Hong Kong Roasts, which makes reference to the comedy duo famous in the 70’s and 80’s, has been operating as a pop-up for less than 2 years until finally opening up shop along Kapitolyo just last month. The al fresco dining spot opens up in the evenings, just in time for people to drizzle out of their offices and into the cooler evening breeze that settles in as the sun sets. The black-painted shipping containers-turned-kitchen give the space a relaxed and easy vibe that is complemented by a playlist that ranges from Chance the Rapper to Neil Young.

How many baos can you eat in one sitting?

We love Cheech and Chang for the duck; it is the only place top-of-mind where you can satisfy a peking duck craving without having to get your whole family on board. We love Cheech and Chang for the atmosphere: no murals, posters, or gimmicks (not that anything is wrong with any of those things!). Just a tree decorated in lanterns, soon to be joined by a red neon light. And we love Cheech and Chang for the conversation; it is owned by a barkada of 6 entrepreneurs/foodies who you’ll meet there in rotation, that are there to enjoy great music, great food, and cold beer, and will happily invite you to join them for a few.

Cheech and Chang Hong Kong Roasts

A Hong Kong-style casual restaurant serving baos, noodles, and roasts.

ADDRESS: 75 West Capitol Drive, Pasig City
VISIT: 5PM–12MN Tuesdays to Sundays
CONTACT: 0917-576-7401 /
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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