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Check Out Sweatshoppe in Teachers Village, a Store Exclusively Selling Chili and Hot Sauce

May 9, 2017

Brothers Edouard and Paolo Canlas were raised on chili, with Edouard describing their father as a “heavy chili eater” and telling us their mother “ate chili pods to maintain her blood pressure.” For the two brothers (and the family as a whole), chili is more than something you add on occassion when you’re feeling like a little spice, but is rathe a way of life: the brothers consume chili in one form or another every single day (Edouard proudly exclaims that “chili saves lives, citing multiple health benefits of chili, including that it is “anti-anxiety, boosts endorphins, is good for blood circulation,” and adding that, “people who eat chili are never boring”), and the two have a personal shared collection of over 130 bottles of hot sauce from all over the world.

They have well over a hundred types of hot sauce from around the world, but this ranges as many of their best-known sauces sell out quickly.

The Canlas brothers also run their own chili farm in Zambales, are invested in a local award-winning brand of chili called Garapal, and have been cooking with chili since they were young (in 2005 they have a chili paste concoction together that they call “chili ulam“). Edouard himself is a member of an exclusive club called Labuyo 100, wherein its members must consume 100 pods of sili labuyo in a single 10 minute sitting to gain membership (without drinking any liquids during the eating session or for 15 minutes after the time allotted). It is a club that requires you to undergo renewal through the same trial every year, and a club that Edouard expects his brother to be joining with him later on this year, he says with a wink.

Sweatshoppe Chili Foods Store is located along Malingap Street in Teachers Village, Quezon City.

With an intimate understanding of their shared passion for the fiery pods, Paolo approached his older brother Edouard with an idea to have a store that exclusively sells chili and chili-based products, “stocking small quantities of select hot sauces from around the world.” Already with an unused space on hand, Edouard agreed provided that he handles the concept and design, while Paolo does the marketing and sales. With bright pink walls, sleek chrome seats, white shelves, and a bright neon sign with dripping letters (conceptualized by Edouard), Sweatshoppe’s edgy and minimalist design stands out against the quaint establishments that line Malingap Street.

Sweatshoppe is currently working on a youtube page dedicated to chili culture in the Philippines.

Visit the store with some takeout in tow—Edong says hot sauce always go well with pizza, wings, and fried or grilled food, but let your imagination be your guide—and purchase a bottle, or two, or five. There’s no greater destination in Manila for a spice addict (or even just the spice-curious) than right here.

SWEATSHOPPE chili foods store

Sweatshoppe is a store that exclusively sells chili and chili-based products from around the world.

ADDRESS: 45 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
CONTACT: / (02) 784-0367
SPEND: PHP 200 and up
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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