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Chatto Bites Is a Fast Casual Japanese Burger Shop by the Same Guys behind Ikomai

January 27, 2020

Even while Ikomai was just a stall in Salcedo Market, its owners already envisioned turning their kushikatsu into sandwiches. So in December last year, partners Taro Hori, Hideki Saeki, and James Antolin, opened Chatto Bites—a fast casual Japanese burger joint at Assembly Ground at The Rise Makati.

In Japanese, “chatto” means “faster,” but not in a rushed way; more like Chatto Bites’ mantra, “take it easy”

Although it’s an offshoot of Ikomai, Chatto Bites is a completely different brand on its own. The vibe is more casual, grounded on it’s “take it easy” mantra. According to Taro, they wanted to create a young, homey space where people could just hang out; whether families, students, or yuppies.

Their menu is decidedly “Americanized Japanese,” in the sense that it’d be something you could easily find in Japan, albeit as burgers. They also have other sides such as Nagoya-style (with red miso sauce) and Osaka-style (with okonomiyaki sauce) fries, as well as edamame. Of course, you can expect to see some signature Ikomai items on the menu—including their best-selling karaage.

Beefy, saucy… better.

We tried a couple of burgers while we were there; and each one was delicious (and a steal at less than PHP300!). But if you were to just get one thing, we recommend their Yakiniku Rice Burger. It’s made up of well-marinated, sweet-savory, tender meat sandwiched in rice “buns.”

Erratum: A previous version of this article described the Yakiniku Rice Burger as inspired by Japan’s MOS Burger. Although similar, Chatto Bites’ iteration is completely their own.

​Chatto Bites

A fast casual Japanese burger joint.

ADDRESS: 2F Assembly Grounds at The Rise Makati, 7248 Malugay Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-10PM daily
FOLLOW: Facebook

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