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Chades Tapsilogan Serves a Mean Lechon Kawali for Only PHP81

July 2, 2019

Chades Tapsilogan is a humble eatery serving different variations of silog (fried egg and fried rice combo) dishes. With meals below PHP85 (which comes with free soup that’s delicious on its own), it’s frequented by students and workers stationed near Tayuman.

Chades is at the tapa his game.

Their tapsilog (tapa) is chewy and flavorful—a classic you could never go wrong with. But their claim to fame is their lechon kawali: crunchy, juicy deep-fried pork belly that’s a sinful complement to the rest of its fried companions on the plate. They also have a chili sauce that blends well with everything, whether it be soy sauce, fish sauce, or even Mang Tomas!

Chades Tapsilogan

An eatery that serves silog dishes for less than PHP85.

ADDRESS: 1689 Remigio Street, Santa Cruz, Manila
VISIT: 6AM-1AM, daily
CONTACT: (02) 736-2276
spend: PHP50-100
FOLLOW: Facebook

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