Food Fight!: Century Tuna vs. San Marino

November 1, 2018
Hello and welcome to Food Fight, the weekly poll that lets you vote on which kinds of food you like (and lets you explain why), with some pretty nifty artwork from yours truly.

This week, we’ll be looking at Tuna, To make things more interesting, I’ve decided to write all of this down while taking shots of this:
For each paragraph I write I will take a shot, as is the way of great writers who write drunk and edit sober. To Tradition! I have now taken Three shots.
Now Four.
Now Five.
Let’s stop before I ruin myself. Now, it’s on to the results of last week’s Food Fight between Tender Juicy Hot Dogs and Swift’s Mighty Meaty. That’s Six shots.
I didn’t even have to count the votes as it was a unanimous victory for Tender Juicy, which makes wonder why I even bothered asking. Anyway, congratulations to the undisputed champion. Let’s meet this week’s contestants. Seven shots now, I am dizzy.

Century Tuna vs. San Marino: The Scourge of the Seas!

Tuna is great. I am struggling and my body’s betraying me so I’ll end the article here. Getting drunk while writing is a great idea, though. It really makes it easier to get the words out. Woooooo I love you all, man. Ten shots. Gah. What am I doing with my life.
Til next time! My hangover tomorrow better be an adventure with Zach Galifinakis finding where my lost friend is around Manila. I leave you with this drawing I did because I thought it would be fun to do while buzzed on alcoholics.
Rob Cham Rob Cham

Rob Cham (not his actual name) is an illustrator, designer, and comics artist from Baguio City, a most excellent place. He currently shares a studio over at where he does things for money. He is otherwise not that interesting.

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45 responses to “Food Fight!: Century Tuna vs. San Marino”

  1. Valerie Ann Marbella Soriente says:

    I’m biased. I prefer Century Tuna coz they have more ways to enjoy Tuna like “No Other Tuna” can…

  2. Adrian De Leon says:

    Century. And bonus points to them for the eye candy in their commercials.

  3. Juju says:

    San Marino. 😀

  4. Jane says:

    Century, mostly because I find San Marino way too salty for my tastes :

  5. Yohan says:

    San Marino rather than the usual flakes in oil. Especially the chili corned tuna! completes my day! Adding to that, San Marino is more innovative compared to Century. Yes, Century was the first to launch the Tuna in can product (assuming) but San Marino was the one to make better products out of tuna. Who would think of Tuna and turning it to corned meat? Ingenious! Cheers to San Marino!

  6. Jess says:

    Does this even count as an article?

    • Rob Cham says:

      It is a mystery to us all.

    • Rob Cham says:

      But honestly, forgive me, I did not have as much time to work on this as work got in the way along with the Art of Confit article from Last Tuesday. I hope to do better next week. (Sorry)

  7. CL Roach says:

    For me it depends on what kind of tuna are you eating. If I happen to crave for just plain tuna flakes in oil/H2O, I’d go for Century. But if I want flavor, I go for San Marino.

    Does my opinion make it a tie for the battle?

  8. Clarissa says:

    I did side by side sampling of their paella in can (for camping purposes) and San Marino won.

    But it has been a household choice to go for Century. I think more of “nakasanayan na” than anything else 😛

  9. Koldzzz says:

    Century all the way…..

  10. Joyce says:

    I don’t know why but I prefer San Marino’s chili corned tuna. And their paella, which I always bring as an emergency food while climbing. However, I’m also for Century Tuna’s flakes in oil. And their other variants (adobo, menudo, etc.), as I sort of grew up with it during college (desperate college kids moves). Tie?

  11. Kafka says:

    Century Tuna wins my vote. Come on, who doesn’t like their tuna loaf and tuna sausages?! And plus points for have different varieties to choose from.

  12. lalalambordi says:

    though bf loves CT i’d still go for san marino, sobrang sarap kasama ng mainit na kanin 😀

  13. kath says:

    If the tuna chunks in oil/water, Century.
    If corned tuna, San Marino.

  14. Nico Goco says:

    i also prefer san marino for the paella, it does make for easy food for a climb. and i thought it was “write drunk, edit drunk?”

  15. AC says:

    Century tuna. I’m a bit biased since i haven’t tried any other canned tuna other than century’s 😛

  16. Chiqui says:

    It’s San Marino for me. Value for your money. Can is full of tuna not oil or juices which you will find in century tuna. Their Corned tuna is the best!

  17. Marco says:

    Century Tuna! 🙂

  18. MSZNG (Mojah Galit) says:

    Tuna= Century

    Corned Tuna=San Marino

  19. Geh says:

    Century Tuna, specially for their Spanish style variety. Straight out of the can + steaming hot rice and I’m happy.

  20. Otap says:

    I vote for Century Tuna. Corned Century tuna + Chili Corned Century Tuna + fettuccine = instant yum.
    No? Just me? Anyone?

  21. Sam M. says:

    century tuna

  22. hehehe says:

    hot and spicy tuna and crushed sky flakes mixed altogether- century has my vote.

  23. Charlene says:


  24. Eight says:

    Century Tuna

  25. chocomallows says:

    Century Tuna

  26. Ngeks says:

    spicy century tuna with lots of garlic yum

  27. Iamtommy says:

    this section should find a better way to cast and tally votes instead of using disqus

  28. Kat says:

    San Marino! It’s tasty and it’s got it’s “own” taste… the can is full… and San Marino’s the original corned tuna as i’ve read in a marketing book i bought from national 😉

  29. Kat says:

    i hope the other people who chose century has tried san marino’s corned tuna too ;)… coz me i’ve tried both when it comes to corned tuna… value and flavor goes to San Marino 🙂

  30. Peej says:

    Rob, shouldn’t we mention which tuna variants are we comparing. I observed some of our friends here comparing Century Tuna with San Marino CORNED tuna. These products are different. Tuna in can contains tuna in oil or brine and spices. While Corned Tuna contains tuna, SOY PROTEIN, oil or brine and spices. Corned tuna is made to be the tuna counterpart of corned beef. That’s why the can is fuller and, as one comment says, “… is full of tuna not oil or juices “

  31. Jhei says:

    Green Day shirt!

  32. William Dave says:

    i think San Marino is laden with MSG. i always get some sorta headache after i chow down one. corned tuna and that paella thingy.

  33. Leigh Michiyato says:

    It was my first time to try San Marino Tuna Flakes in Oil; mixed it with egg. Here’s my review (more of story haha) about it. 🙂

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