🗞️ Pepper helps young people in the Philippines cook better at home. In the next two years, our goal is to become the most trusted cooking resource in the country. We’re looking for young, motivated, and optimistic people looking for meaningful and challenging (read: not always fun) work in food media.

Does this sound like you?

  1. You not only enjoy eating food, but cooking & experimenting in the kitchen.
  2. You have an accurate assessment of your skill level: you know where you’re good and where you’re not and it matches with other people’s evaluation of you.
  3. You have confidence in your abilities, but tempered with a healthy dose of self-doubt and anxiety.
  4. When given harsh feedback, your default response is “That hurts, but I want to know more.”
  5. You work well with others—you’re neither a doormat nor a bully, and you know how to negotiate, persuade, or compromise.
  6. You have a history of small (or big!) achievements 🏆 in random fields you pursued—in sports, academics, the arts, or leadership.
  7. You don’t care too much about work experience because you believe that everything can be learned with the proper attitude.
  8. You deal with stress well, understanding when to step on the gas, and when to take it slow.
  9. You want to be the best at what you do.
  10. You’re a doer. You do things, you finish things, and you make sure you’re on time.
  11. You do not tolerate freeloaders and dead weights. You want everyone on the team to contribute.
  12. You understand that the world is changing so fast and you need to keep on trying new things out to keep up.
  13. You self-deprecate and have no trouble looking like a 🤡 in public.
  14. You see problems in society and you want to make a difference. You acknowledge how powerless you are, but you work hard and hope for a better future for everyone.
  15. You absolutely despise ass-kissing and you care more about your work than what your boss thinks.
  16. You’re highly competitive, but also genuinely concerned about the success of your teammates.
  17. You’re not entitled—you know the world isn’t fair and doesn’t owe you anything, so you press on.
  18. You have the discipline 😣 to take the hard path. You can go through short-term pain if you see your efforts bearing fruit down the road.
  19. You like what Pepper is doing, but you think it can be better—you can make it better.

If you found yourself silently nodding to most, if not all of the points above, maybe you’re who we’re looking for. Maybe there’s a role open for you.

Now Hiring: Digital Marketing Specialist

🐡 “Digital Marketing” is a broad and often misunderstood term that can mean anything from a keyword spammer, social media content creator, or community manager. Before you jump to conclusions about this role, make sure you read and understand everything.

🛒 We’re looking for someone with strong foundations in copywriting, accompanied by a deep knowledge in technology, research, and analysis. We need someone creative, and also structured, analytical, and critical in equal measure.

This role will be focused on optimizing Pepper for digital platforms and making sure we perform well online. This includes headline writing, search engine optimization, A/B testing, data analysis, experimentation with ads, and making sure all of that information is communicated clearly to the team.


  1. Not required: a degree in marketing.
  2. Understands that copywriting is not creative writing. Knows how to persuade people with words.
  3. Enjoys social experiments and A/B testing and trying out things on people to see the effects.
  4. Exhibits a high level of “consumer empathy,” a deep understanding of how your work is perceived by other people.
  5. Obsessed with optimization and maximization: making the best and squeezing out the gains from any piece of work.
  6. Can organize large amounts of data and simplify it for the audience.
  7. Comfortable with pitching your reports and ideas.
  8. Doesn’t mind the occasional mechanical work of encoding data.
  9. Can think broadly and contextualize data with national trends and world events. Likes world news.
  10. Can think small and look at individuals: their needs, their motivations, their frustrations.
  11. Enjoys reading marketing books.
  12. Balances creativity with analytical and critical thinking.

Working Setup, Benefits, and Pay:

  1. This is a very flexible role and will allow you to work-from-home on most days.
  2. Post-pandemic, we’ll meet in our studio in Makati once or twice a week as a team.
  3. You need constant, fast internet access.
  4. To ensure people get enough rest, we do not require people to respond to online messages after hours and during weekends.
  5. We do performance-based evaluation and do not count vacation leaves, absences, etc. Take all the time off that you need as long as you’re performing well.
  6. We offer basic benefits: Philhealth and SSS.
  7. Pay is dependent upon skill and experience, but our budget range is from 18–30k net for this role.
  8. Unless you are exceptional, if the interview goes well, we usually have a 2-month fully paid trial period where you’ll work as an independent contractor first. (We do this to test for fit.)

To apply

  1. Write a short “About Me” in 200 words or less in a Google doc.
  2. Attach your CV. If you have past achievements in any (even unrelated) field, make sure to include those.
  3. Email all the information to hello@pepper.ph with the subject line: “Digital Marketing Specialist Application: [Your Name]”

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re more than happy to answer them. Just send us an email (hello@pepper.ph) or a direct message via Instagram or Facebook.

Future Roles

In case you want to get a headstart, we’ll definitely need the roles listed below once we have a bigger budget to hire.

📹 Videographer
🖍️ Graphic Designer and/or Illustrator
💻 Web Developer

We do not have specifics yet, but if you’re talented and you’d like to join the team in the future, feel free to send your CV and portfolio to hello@pepper.ph with the subject line: “[Role] Application: [Your Name]”.