Café Sito Aims to Bring Attention to World-Class Filipino Coffee Beans

March 30, 2019

Café Sito is a brand that is in itself an ongoing telling of a love story, for a daughter to a father. After her father’s sudden passing due to health complications connected to his diabetes, Monica Recto decided to create a social enterprise in honor of her father, whom she often joked with about reviving his old café of the same name that used to stand near Makati Medical Center. The current Café Sito as re-established by Recto may not have a brick-and-mortar, but it carries with it the same passionate life-loving spirit that Recto saw and deeply admired in her father, from its production to its design.

The packaging was designed by Georgina Camus.

It was when I was building a brand I remembered a joke my dad and I shared about me ‘reviving’ his old Café Sito, a little café he had right by Makati Med in the 80’s,” says Recto. “I also often joked about him being my first business partner. By creating Café Sito, I could do both. It also slowly became a love language for me, whenever I was working on the brand it felt like an act of love that I was still doing for my father. It was an excellent channel for my grief.”

It’s also been so healing for me because my dad was really my best friend, and they say grief is love without anywhere to go, so I’m just glad all the love can go somewhere. “

The packaging itself is an homage to her father. It features her father’s favorite band called The Asteroids, whose obvious influence are The Beatles. The golden gate bridge sits behind them as it was her father’s favorite city, where he once studied and would make sure to visit every year. The leaves represent his love of nature and the environment, as he enjoyed gardening and was creating his own hydroponic system. The paella on the left is a dish that he would always make for his family on special occasions, while the eggs dish below it represents the breakfasts they would spend together, always drinking a cup of coffee.

Message Monica directly for orders.

From a coffee shop in the 1980’s to a coffee brand in the 2010’s, Café Sito sources their beans directly from coffee farmers to ensure that they are being compensated fairly. They currently offer 2 blends, one which Recto tells us is best served black, and the other with light, hazelnut notes whose flavors are expressed beautifully through an iced latte.


A coffee brand that creates roasts and blends using local beans.

CONTACT: (0917) 833-5523 / monica.recto@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP850–950

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