Buns and Bros: A Barkada’s Mission To Create The Ultimate Burger Experience

November 10, 2016

In college, a professor of mine asked to liken ourselves to an animal and explain why we chose that particular animal. In the same vein, it is also appropriate to ask what we would be as food. While a part of me wants to be Alinea’s impeccably styled final dessert—I know in my heart that I’m more like the local sinigang: traditional, versatile, and requires an acquired taste. Buns and Bros had the same thing in mind but instead of sour stew, it’s burgers.


The foursome behind the burgers were brought together by fitness buffs Iñigo and Byron. A few months back, Iñigo sustained injuries. While recovering, he went back to another of his interests: cooking. Moving past serving his friends at home, they ventured into bazaars with the mission of creating the ultimate burger experience. Right now, there are six burgers on the menu, and of these we had the pleasure of sampling five. The sixth burger: The New Kid, a simple burger that focuses on the core flavors of the burger, sat out from this tasting . Clearly, the team had bigger plans for us, and we were equally excited to taste their burgers.

The team shares that their burgers take its cues from the various personalities found in a barkada. They present a mix of classic and signature sandwiches, the team proves their prowess in preparing good ol’ fashioned burgers. Their classics include, the Heartthrob and the Player: a classic cheeseburger and a two-patty behemoth that features the same toppings as the former. While their signature burgers include the Eager Beaver, the Assassin, and the Boss. All three share a distinct quality, taking the distinct flavors of the source of inspiration and distilling these into a burger without compromising the essence of the dish.


Besides their unique flavors, the team proudly explains that their sauces and buns are made in-house. As expected, the sauces complement their burgers well; while the buns provide texture and subtle flavor to the dish. These crucial components allows for better quality and drives their mission for the ultimate burger experience, which we agree they are on the path of. Now joined by Nikki and Vince, the four have a busy schedule. Be sure to catch them at their upcoming events, see their updates on their Instagram feed to know where their next haunt is.

Buns and Bros

Spend: 200–300 PHP
Contact: 0917 848 4624
Follow: Facebook / Instagram

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2 responses to “Buns and Bros: A Barkada’s Mission To Create The Ultimate Burger Experience”

  1. Uhav1jerb says:

    Needs cross section pics(all burger reviews, imo). Those burgers look dry af. The crust look shady as well, something which can be seen on burgers that has binders/extenders.?

    • Leon says:

      Burgers are actually very juicy; your hands are soaked with the juice after eating it. Buns taste super fresh. Pictures don’t do the burger justice. Hope you get to try it first hand! 🙂

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