Bumble Brew’s Jun Kombucha Will Have You Replacing Your Soda Habit in No Time

January 4, 2019

The kombucha trend seems to be an the unlikely health trend that has managed to hit the Philippines. While the fizzy, fermented drink is hard to swallow for many (due to its vinegar-like acerbicness), this “Jun” kombucha may be a little easier on the tastebuds. Unlike regular kombucha, which uses black tea and refined sugar, Jun kombucha uses green tea and honey, boasting healthier ingredients plus a less acidic taste.

You can pick up some Bumble Brew in select SaladStop! outlets.

5 years ago, Bumble Brew founder Maica Veloso was suffering from digestion and thyroid issues, which resulted in feeling low on energy. She eventually learned about how kombucha could help address the symptoms she had been feeling, and soon began brewing her own at home. She knew it wasn’t for everyone, and never thought to expand her hobby into a business, until she first tried Jun kombucha.

When I discovered Jun [kombucha], I fell completely in love and knew others would also be drawn to its delicate sweet-tangy taste and additional health benefits.”

For Veloso, brewing is an art that takes time, patience, and practice. She explains that unlike some brands of kombucha, that add superfoods to the end product for additional flavor, Bumble Brew brews the superfoods in with the SCOBY, which increases its nutritional value. “We also source high-quality ingredients, such as organic premium-grade green tea and raw honey,” she adds. “We only use fresh produce and spices to infuse our tea with. Never will we use artificial flavorings, colorings, or even pasteurized fruit juice.”

Kombucha is best enjoyed cold. If you want to dilute the tartness, try it with ice.

Last year the brand started off with 4 variants: Mango Turmeric, Lemongrass Mint (exceptionally refreshing), Watermelon Basil (for those with a sweet tooth), and Apple Cinnamon (our favorite). They kicked off 2019 by launching their latest flavor, Blueberry Blush, which may be just what you need if you’re looking for a drink that contains antioxidants. They offer subscription packages on their website, and sell per bottle in select SaladStop! outlets.


Flavored Jun kombucha sold in SaladStop! restaurants in Manila.

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