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Breaking Bread at Panaderya Toyo, a Bakery That Steps Back in Time for Their Approach to Bread-Making

April 5, 2018

Panaderya Toyo is a day-time extension of the much accoladed Toyo Eatery (only open for dinner service), and a playground for the baker behind the sourdoughs from the famously exemplary bread basket at Toyo, Richie Manapat. A veritable bread nerd, Manapat learned to make bread the old fashioned way and wants to revive the tradition of yeast-free, bromate-free, sourdough-based bread for a bread that is livelier, tastier, and all-around better.

Come early because the shelves clear out fast.

Manapat is one of the most sincere food nerds we’ve met, sharing with us steps of his bread-making process like he’s gushing over his soulmate. He even shows us decades-old bread tins that have been in his family for generations, and which he uses to make certain loaves at the bakery—exemplifying just how much his love for tradition of bread-making runs deep.

Grab a coffee and sit by the picture window to feel the sun on your skin while enjoying freshly made slices of Panaderya Toyo’s bread.

More than just a modern and sophisticated bakery, Panaderya Toyo is a project of Manapat and his team of passionate bakers who want to change the way we think about bread.

Check out some of our favorite menu items from the panaderya:

Drink, Bread & Spread

For a light snack, Panaderya Toyo offers “Drink, Bread & Spread” options. Our pick is something on the sweet, fluffy and light side: casero (their take on white bread) & homemade cashew butter. Pair it with a tsokolate for something to dip it into.

Tinapay & Palaman

For a heavier merienda, we recommend the octopus paired with the barra (their large loaf version of baguette). The octopus is cooked with caramelized onions, garlic and tomato mayo, and a smoked paprika for a flavor-rich topping to pair with the rustic bread.

Panaderya Toyo

A daytime bakery and café serving bromate-free, yeast-free, sourdough-based bread and merienda.

Address: The Alley at Karrivin, 2316 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
Visit: 11AM-6PM Tuesdays to Saturdays
Contact: 0917-720-8630 /
Spend: PHP 85-750
Follow: Instagram

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