Boochamama Makes Raw, Unpasteurized, and Naturally Carbonated Kombucha in Flavors That Change Every Week

June 1, 2019

While working as a hotel chef in Singapore, Inah of Boochamama found herself obsessively searching about how to make her own scobies. She went to a health and wellness expo, where she met a local kombucha vendor who gave her her first bottle with a tiny floating scoby. She later own starter from it.

Last year, Inah returned to the Philippines armed with her kombucha scoby and starter. She continued brewing it here but faced a few challenges in assuring the consistency of carbonation, especially since she’s committed to brewing the traditional way (keeping it raw, unpasteurized, and naturally carbonated).

What are you feeling today? Peachy? Flowery? Pink?

Boochamama doesn’t have a fixed set of flavors; it’s selection changes every week. They also have varieties of jun kombucha (made by fermenting green tea and honey). Being a chef, Inah enjoys experimenting with different ingredients and pairings.

There’s endless opportunities when it comes to brewing kombucha because you’ve got so many different variables. You have [different types of teas, sugars, flavorings, scobies, and starters; plus, the fermenting time and  temperatures and brewing location makes a difference, too].

While the distinct kombucha zing is present, Boochamama’s bottles sway towards light, floral notes. It’s not too potent, making it an ideal introduction to first-time kombucha drinkers.


Small-batch, home-brewed raw vegan and jun kombucha.

spend: PHP220-500
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