Here are 4 Places that Serve Boneless Lechon Belly in Manila

Like most Filipino dishes, lechon has its different variations and preparations across the Philippines. Some of us prefer drowning the meat in Mang Tomas or vinegar, while others favor lechon that is flavorful on its own. Boneless lechon or roasted pork belly has included itself among our pork eating options. The roasted pork belly is prepared like a porchetta: the belly is deboned, stuffed with herbs and spices to make it even tastier, and then slow-roasted over a charcoal fire. The boneless lechon experience is no longer limited to Cebu; today, Manila residents can enjoy pork prepared in the Queen City of the South’s signature style. Here are four places in Manila that give you that dangerously delicious pork fat fix.

1. Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

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Manileños need not go all the way to Cebu for their own version of lechon belly. Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly has stalls in SM Mall of Asia, Eastwood Libis’ Citywalk 2, Festival Mall, SM Sta. Mesa, Puregold Q.I Central, and at Puregold Commonwealth. Customers need not order an entire kilo just to enjoy the crispy skin and tastily marinated pork belly: their budget meal for less than a PHP 100 serves 100g worth of lechon belly along with two pieces of Cebu’s signature puso or hanging rice. Each meal is served with the herbs and spices on the side, with the Spicy Variety adding a little more kick to the pork belly. A whole order comes in different kilo sizes: 1/4 kilo, 1/2 kilo, 3/4 kilo, 1 kilo; the largest is 1 whole belly that weighs around 4 kilos. Like most Cebu lechon brands, Cebu Boneless Lechon promises meat that is tasty on its own, skin that is crisp on each bite, and fat dripping from the sides to complete the flavor.

  • Taste Asia, SM Mall of Asia, Central Business Park Bay Blvd., Bay City, Pasay City
  • Food Court, Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Food Junction Citywalk 2, Eastwood, Libis
  • Food Court, Puregold Q.I Central, G. Araneta Ave., Quezon City
  • Food Court, Puregold Commonwealth, Luzon Ave., Quezon City

2. Tatang’s Boneless Lechon

tatangs (1)

If you’re looking for all authentic Cebu lechon belly, Tatang’s has also brought the roasted pork belly to Manila. What sets Tatang’s apart from other brands is its extra crispy skin: you’ll be torn between indulging more on the crunchy outer layer or biting into the tender pieces and letting the fat dribble onto your hands. Every single ingredient in the pork belly comes all the way from Cebu, assuring you the same quality and experience from Tatang’s origin city. Residents of Las Pinas, BF Homes Paranaque, and Alabang can have the lechon delivered from the Las Pinas branch for a minimum PHP 500 order, along with a fixed delivery charge of PHP 50. Tatang’s also has branches in Gilmore and Quezon City, where you can pick up the lechon and take it home as your next meal. Only the Las Pinas branch offers dine-in, delivery, and take-out orders. For more information, you can visit Tatang’s main Facebook page.

  • Tatang’s Las Pinas Branch
  • 215 El Grande Ave. cor Tropical Ave., BF Homes, Las Pinas
    Follow On: Facebook
    Contact: 0917-881-4421 & 02-893-6773

  • Tatang’s Quezon City
  • 863 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City
    Contact: 456-4316 for pick-up orders (no deliveries for now)

  • Tatang’s Gilmore
  • GF, Gilmore Heights Condominium, Granada cor. Castilla St., Quezon City
    Follow On: Facebook
    Contact: 09188282647

3. Belly Bob’s Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu

Belly Bobs
Photo from Eat All You Can

Joining the rest of Cebu’s flown-in brands is Belly Bob’s Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu. This small business took off from the family’s tradition of serving pork belly during reunions and special occasions. Today, Belly Bob’s lets anyone’s family enjoy pork that’s distinctly flavored by ginger and lemongrass, meat made tender by the belly fat, and crunchy skin that gives your meal a little more bite. Cebu lechon loyalists may have the pork on its own, but Belly Bob’s vinegar also makes the meat extra tasty.

Belly Bob’s

Address: SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City

4. Porketta Man

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If you’re looking for pork belly that’s prepared in the traditional Italian style, we suggest ordering from Porketta Man. Unlike its local counterparts, Porketta Man roasts the boneless pork belly for six hours in a brick oven. The result is very, very crispy skin. Within the belly itself are several other pork cuts that are flavored with Porketta Man’s signature blend of spices. Each order comes with a bottle of Salsa Verde. Although the porketta doesn’t require any sauce, the salsa adds a little more indulgence to the pork belly experience. We suggest buying porketta for a big feast or a birthday: sizes range from 3.5 kilos (PHP 3,200), 2.5 kilos (PHP 2,300), to 1 kilo. (PHP 1,100) Porketta Man also offers a Mediterranean twist to its meat, serving the pork belly with pita bread, yogurt cucumber sauce, and roasted tomatoes. You may contact 09178102218 for more information on their prices and orders.

What’s your favorite boneless lechon brand? What other brands do you want in Manila? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. You can also try Wabu boneless lechon belly. Theyre in salcedo market every sat but be sure to go there early because it runs out fast. Crispy skin, soft meat and lovely spices!! For me, its the best belly ive ever tasted!

  2. There’s this place called Dish tucked away in McKinley Hill (In between Two World and Three World Square) that had good boneless belly too. They served it with a creamy and tangy “chimichurri” sauce that really complimented the rich pork belly.

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