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Beyond Their Savory Dishes, Goto Monster Shows Us They Are Equally Masterful at Desserts

October 12, 2018

The not-your-average eatery Goto Monster has been around for several years (with them already having a second branch in Malate), but has more recently picked up attention internationally: it’s one of the restaurants in Phaidon’s most recent edition of their compendium Where Chefs Eat. And aside from their high quality food at affordable prices, it is indeed a great spot for chefs to grab something warm and delicious after a long night of service considering it’s open 24 hours.

What’s your go-to at Goto Monster?

And while Goto Monster has a reputation for their elevated goto, silog, and oddly (though we’re not complaining) their Vietnamese spring rolls, we’re here to sing their praises for their desserts. For only PHP 60, you can get one of their house-made ice cream pops, with flavors like coffee nagaraya nuts, strawberry cheese and leche flan being our favorites. For PHP 200, grab a dessert that you can share amongst 4 (or just make it your main course; we won’t judge): their special waffles à la mode. These brilliant champorado and bibingka waffles bring tears to our eyes like seeing a sunset for the first time. Thank you, Jean Hill, owner of Goto Monster and actual food genius.


An eatery that borders between hole-in-the-wall and restaurant, with well designed interiors and high quality comfort food.

ADDRESS: Primo de Rivera St. cor. Pablo Ocampo Sr. Ext. La Paz, Makati City / Salo Park, 562 J. Nakpil St. Malate, Manila
VISIT: open 24 hours, daily (Makati) / 5PM–5AM (Malate)
CONTACT: 0916-300-2600 /
SPEND: PHP 60–200
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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