Beyond Fruitcakes, Ju.D’s Makes Unique-Flavored Nougats That are Great for Gift-Giving

November 10, 2018

With the advent of the Christmas season comes the challenge of gift-giving. Many turn to food gifts for their near-universal appeal, but the common fare of choice—the ubiquitous box of brownies, tin of cookies, etcetera—can be predictable, relegated to being forgotten at the back of the fridge rather than savored. When you’re looking to stand out, go for a gift that’s as unique as it is delicious, like Ju.D Lao’s nougats: craft-made confections with a wonderful chewy core, studded with a variety of fillings that pop out against their snowy, pale-white backdrop.

Take your pick from the tart and crunchy Almond Cranberry, nostalgia-inducing Cookies and Cream, or our team fave—the savory-sweet Cheese.

Popular across Europe and in the Middle East, nougats get their distinctive airy-but-chewy consistency (think of a cross between marshmallows and caramel) from the combo of sugar cooked to the hard-ball stage and beaten egg whites. And though almonds or other nuts are what often stud their interior, Lao takes the confection and turns it on its head with more whimsical combinations that point to the true versatility of the classic candy: the relatively traditional Almond-Cranberry (with roasted almonds and dried cranberries), the inner child-pleasing Cookies and Cream (an ode the eponymous ice cream flavor, with shards of chocolate wafer cookies), and the sweet and savory Cheese variant (with grated cheese and crushed buttery biscuits—thus gratifying the Filipino heart).

Making the nougats is quite tough, because you have to cook the sugar to an exact point, then add the egg whites. It really takes practice.”

Lao is best known for her fruitcakes—excellent renditions of the liquor-laced, dried fruit- and nut-filled loaves introduced in the 70’s, and which do justice to the oft-maligned holiday classic—but the nougats ought not to be overlooked. Inspired by similar candies the acclaimed “Fruitcake Queen” shares she enjoyed as a child, these nougats were added to the lineup in 2009, with Lao soon expanding the flavor array to pay ode to their favorite ice cream flavors. Coming individually-wrapped, they’re great for stuffing in your pocket for a sweet fix anytime; and with a natural ability to stand at room temperature, they’re a safe, relatively shelf-stable bet for giving away—or for hoarding for yourself. (We won’t judge.)

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A line of confections that include fruitcakes, cookies, and nougats.

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