Berry’s Deli Is Every Conscious Mom’s Answer to Hotdogs, Sausages, and Bacon

January 13, 2020

People have become more conscious about their food. That’s just a fact in this day and age. And we can see it in the mushrooming of alternative food brands offering preservative-free food, non-GMO produce, home-baked goods, etc. One such purveyor is Berry’s Deli, an online-based shop that sells homemade processed meat.

Interestingly, the brand’s namesake Berry Tenchavez, isn’t the one who makes the products; but her sister-in-law’s family. Their homemade hotdogs were a household staple, and Berry would often tell her friends about it. After people started asking where it came from, she and her husband decided to try selling it in an online food community in the South. They sold out right away.

My husband and I discussed and there was really a market of our homemade hotdogs since a lot of moms, like me, are more conscious in what they serve their kids. Since I’m a stay at home mom, we discussed this would be a perfect business for me! We then discussed with my sister in law other products we wanted to do, then that’s when had our other products.

Their products include preservative- and nitrate-free beef hotdogs, chicken hotdogs, and bacon; as well as Hungarian sausages with minimal preservatives (as required by FDA). Since everything is homemade, there are only limited quantities per batch. So if they run out, you’ll have to wait for the next run. This ensures that their meats are always fresh and new.

And just as much as kids do, adults will love Berry’s Deli’s lineup. Their menu’s expansion was actually also influenced by their family’s penchant for Happy Hours. So needless to say, these will make for great pulutan.

Berry’s Deli

Homemade hotdogs, sausages, and bacon.

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