Bellefleur by Beatrix Put Welcome Twists to Locally-Loved Baked Goods

May 23, 2018

Like many people, Beatrix Atienza loves to eat—but more than that, this love for food inspires Atienza to create. “I . . . [would] find myself researching recipes, buying the ingredients, tweaking this and that to see what combinations work,” she shares. Following a stint of having been appointed head baker for a fair in her high school years—during (and even after) which her cookies proved to be a hit—she realized she could do more with her passion for baking. Straight out of college, Atienza went on to take short courses that allowed her to refine her craft, and the culmination of these experiences is Bellefleur by Beatrix: Atienza’s labor of love where she offers cookies, cakes, frozen delights, and other sweet treats.

Combining the French words belle (“beautiful”) and fleur (“flower”—the latter being a play on her primary ingredient of flour), Bellefleur by Beatrix shines the spotlight on locally-loved desserts. Some are done true to classic form, as with her Red Velvet Cupcakes and Classic Choc Chip Cookies; some are done with decidedly Filipino (themes, as with her Frozen Ube Brazo and Ube Double Decker Leche Flan Cake. Still, Atienza does not shy away from giving her creations a contemporary spin—and two in particular stand out.

L: Ube Double Decker Leche Flan | R: Frozen Thai Milk Tea Brazo

Especially riveting is the Frozen Thai Milk Tea Brazo, a variation of the said purple yam version with homemade Thai tea ice cream in between layers of meringue, custard, and a satisfyingly crunchy graham crust. Atienza makes her own Thai tea ice cream using tea leaves sent from Thailand—and the said step proves to be a worthy effort, as the resulting bittersweet, earthy tinge stands strong against the richness and sweetness of the other layers.

Grated fresh calamansi zest add zing (and specks of green) to the Calamansi, White Choc, & Cheddar Cookies.

On the more curiosity-inducing end are Atienza’s Calamansi, White Choc, & Cheddar Cookies. Made with the real grated zest of the eponymous citrus (evident in the green flecks dispersed through each cookie), these soft cookies offer a distinctly vibrant zing that wraps against saltiness the cheese and the creaminess of the white chips. What emerges is a uniquely sweet-savory-tart profile that intrigues (in flavor as in texture, with the cheddar adding a welcome chewiness) and compels you to take bite after bite, piece after piece.

I’d like to think that optimism was behind my choosing the name Bellefleur—that one day my passion for baking, fueled by my enjoyment of eating, would eventually translate into something ‘beautiful.'”

Aside from opening their current nook in San Juan and supplying to different cafes around the Metro, Atienza hints at a soon-to-open nook carrying her baked goods in Bonifacio Global City. Atienza looks to be well on her way to soon fully reaching her dream.

Bellefleur by Beatrix

Baked goods with both classic and more modern interpretations.

Visit: G/F Unimart, Greenhills Shopping Centre, Club Filipino Drive, Greenhills, San Juan
  0945-123-4577 / 0917-812-8730 (Viber) / bellefleurbybeatrix@gmail.com
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