Before Those New Year Resolutions Kick In, Here’s Our List of Manila Best Bacon Purveyors

Come December 24th, everyone gives themselves a free pass for a week. You can eat whatever you want—no limits, no judgement, no guilt; with a promise to burn it all in the New Year. Well, we’re still in that limbo; and we’ve come up with a list of Metro Manila’s best bacon purveyors because we believe if you’re gonna take in all those calories, you might as well do it right.

Artisanal Food Inc.

Anthony Sayuno started Artisanal Food Inc. (formerly The Cure) grounded on a lifelong dream to open a sandwich shop. While that goal’s been tabled for now, he’s shifted his focus to curing the meat that goes into his go-to lunch. Artisanal Food Inc. offers all-natural, preservative-free smoked meats. They have three types of thick-cut bacon: The OG, salty and smoky (our favorite!); The Canadian, honey and maple; and The Wild One, spicy and sweet.

CONTACT: 0917-677-0116 / artisanalfoodinc@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP 300-800
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Berry’s Deli PH

Berry’s Deli PH is known for their homemade hotdogs. But their pork belly bacon, which has no preservatives or nitrates, also deserve some praise. It’s not so far off in taste as what every household is familiar with, making it a better alternative to supermarket-bought bacon. Your kids are gonna love it.

CONTACT: (0917) 868-7983
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Lolo Joe’s Artisanal Bacon

Lolo Joe’s Artisanal Bacon is a product of Chef Zaza Sarmiento’s 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining. Their thinly-sliced homemade bacon is cured in brown sugar, giving it a sweeter profile; then wood-smoked in-house. They’re MSG and nitrate free, and uses zero artificial preservatives.

CONTACT: (0917) 857-7159
SPEND: PHP 500-900
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Note: Lolo Joe’s Artisanal Bacon has currently stopped production, and will resume indefinitely.

Mr. Delicious

Mr. Delicious hands-down makes some of the best smoked meats in Manila. Their bacon is no exception; made the old-fashioned way: slow-cured, slow-smoked, and slow-cooked. Their applewood smoked bacon is comes thick, but still cooks to a satisfying crisp while remaining juicy.

CONTACT: (0947) 990-3747 / sales@mrdelicious.ph
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The Meat Guy

The Meat Guy‘s thick-cut bacon is cured in maple and bourbon before being smoked. The sweetness really comes through. But there’s a saltiness (and a hint of bitterness) that complements it. Beyond just slices of bacon, The Meat Guy also offers bacon ends, which are great for making broths. (Or just eating as is, over rice or pasta—just like we did.)

CONTACT: (0917) 327-7543
SPEND: PHP 340-395
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